Happy Valentines Day


I never know whether I should put the apostrophe before the s (Valentine’s Day), as in this day belongs to my valentine because I celebrate him since the love we share wouldn’t exist without him, blah, blah, blah, or it belongs to the saint after which it is named; or after the s (Valentines’ Day), as in this day belongs to everybody who is in love or wants to celebrate love, or it belongs to the saints after which it is name (because I just heard last night that there are actually TWO Saint Valenintes, though I don’t know if that is true); or just leave it out altogether (Valentines Day), as in this day belongs to nobody but it is the day we all exchange Valentines (whether they be cards or presents or whatever).

Ultimately I just decided to leave the apostrophe out altogether in my title so that you can just imagine it wherever you deem it most appropriate rather than going all Yahoo! Group on me (it’s the 21st century equivalent of going postal).

Just so you know how romantic life can be once one has (preferably two have) been married for almost 13 years, I thought I’d share the details of our day so far.  Yes, I know how much you all depend on my blog for tips on how to keep the romance alive after kids.

So the other night, American Culture Night, actually (which is getting its own post very, very soon) I turned to my husband who was snuggled on the couch next to the loveseat on which I was sitting, and said, “Just so you know, I’ve done nothing for Valentine’s Day, so, you know, don’t do anything for me.”

“You’ve already done more for me than I have for you,” he replied.

“Umm . . . considering I’ve done nothing, I don’t see how that is possible.”

“You got me that t shirt and a card that I wasn’t supposed to see when I was helping put away the groceries, remember?”

“Oh, yeah.  The t shirt.  I got you a card?”


“Oh.  Umm . . . I think maybe I remember getting you the card.  Really?  Are you sure I got you a card?”


“Oh.  Okay.  Well, I have no idea where it is, so, you know, don’t bother getting me anything.”

We are So. Hot.  No?

Actually, we’d already decided ahead of time that the puppy was my Valentine present, and he got an iTouch for his, so we’re good.  That’s just how we work it:  if you want something a little pricey, count it as your next gift-giving holiday gift.

We are So. Hot. No?

Today, the actual holiday, we have spent about five hours cleaning the house.  Specifically, we have been cleaning bathrooms and cleaning/decluttering bedrooms and closets.  Yes, folks, the romance never ends.  Tonight there is an activity at church, but we aren’t going.  Since everyone has had the creeping crud around here I didn’t bother getting a babysitter, so now we’re not going out.  Which is actually fine with me and with him.

A~ is thrilled because she wants to make us a special Valentines’ Day dinner.  She wanted to do it last year, but we went out.  Yes, for a year now, she has been looking forward to making dinner.  I’ve mentioned to her once or thrice that she could make dinner any night she wished, but the only night she wished was Valentines Day.

So while she is cooking, and hopefully not burning down the kitchen, McH and I will continue our day of romance by decluttering the basement.

We are So. Hot.

And very, very happy.

And a lot more clutter-free.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Christina

    I love that picture! And I’m having such a romantic valentines day that I’m reading your blog at 6:40 in the evening. But Hubby is out getting dinner and a movie… for the family… yeah, put us in the “So. Hot.” category with y’all. And I? Didn’t even get Hubby a card. What an awesome wife am I.


  2. Haha, sounds like our day! Only, we decided ahead of time to paint our room. (It is also our consolation for not being able to buy a house right now, after we thought we would be able to.) AND, my older son made dinner, because Aaron and I were still trimming the walls. So, he made (drumroll, please) cinnamon toast. Yup, just cinnamon toast and milk. He was so proud. He even put a napkin at everyone’s place, not just in the napkin holder. Happy Valentine’s! Especially for married people.


  3. We’re SO HOT we went to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.
    Yep. Hot.
    Actually the hubby got me some roses and a bag of mini Toblerones.
    Unfortunately for him, I didn’t go shopping this week.
    So. Hot.
    You must have been watching O’Reilly!


  4. Our day was every bit as hot as yours. We went to the kids’ basketball games. And… um… no, that’s it. I wish I would have seen this post yesterday, because nothing puts one in a mood for romance quite as much as a discussion of apostrophes and where to put them. SO.HOT.


  5. Ha! We spent the day mopping up snot (4 sick kids make for many snot rockets.) Add laundry, and a kitchen re-organize and we must be in the “hot” catagory as well 🙂

    On the gift deal, we do similar though not for minor holidays (just birthdays, Christmas, and anniversary.) My bday isn’t until next month but I just got my gift. I was so excited, but am not sure everyone understands. It’s not everyday a gal gets a 1/4 inch foot with guide, darning foot, and a walking foot for her sewing machine! Oh the romance! To top it off, I bought it myself (on his instruction) as it was on sale and it was what he was going to buy me anyways….not to mention I needed it for a project.


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