My Current Favorite Country Song

Because I know how much you all care about country music.

But apparently?  This one is quite the crossover hit, so you’ve probably actually heard it.

Oh, and it’s not even funny, so it’s safe to continue drinking your beverage.

See?  I told you it wasn’t funny.

9 thoughts on “My Current Favorite Country Song

  1. Haven’t heard this one but I did think of you when I heard this lyric in what sounded like a really country-ish song to me, even though it was on my local “alternative” station: “Work your fingers to the bone, and what do you get? Bony fingers.”

    Made me giggle out loud.


  2. MMhmm! I love this one also, but might actually like White Horse more. Plus for some reason this one won’t go on my MP3 player, I’ve tried like four times already! What’s up with that?!


  3. Dianna

    Taylor Swift is huge with the tween crowd around here, so my 10yo has this song (and every other song from her cds) blasting thru the house 24/7. Good thing I like her music too!


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