Hope Springs Eternal


Or at least my hope that spring will someday come springs enough that I’m using my laundry room as a bit of a greenhouse.  I know it’s early, but I juts can’t take any more winter.  Now, at least, there is a little bit of spring in my home.

7 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Oh, WOW! Something green!!! I never thought I’d see something green again!!!!!! 🙂 Oh, how I envy you. Yea, I know I’m not supposed to do that but I think God will forgive me! WILL. SPRING. NEVER. COME?!!!


  2. tryingtraditional

    What a lovely photo…brown earth, new green growth, spring will come!

    I’ve never had much luck with growing my own seeds. I get to this stage and then they die. Thankfully there are a few Amish around here that sprout heirloom seeds as well as a grower of herbs I like at the local farmer market. It’s worth the xtra $ in my book to get it right and actually end up having a plant to produce a harvest.

    I am hoping this year to get a cold frame up and see if I can’t get in some early lettuce and spinach. I miss fresh salads something terrible!


  3. Hey, that’s a great photo! You have more photog skillz than you give yourself credit for. I mean, for which you give yourself credit. I’m impressed!

    And yes, me too. Sick, sick, sick of the cold and gray. It’s supposed to warm up to 61 today here and the sun is shining. Yea!


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