Just For Clarification

Some country music I like.  Taylor Swift, for instance, will be on my iPod someday soon.  Brad Paisley is so all over my iPod it’s almost obscene.

Joey & Rory made me laugh so much with the “Cheater, Cheater” song that I asked for, and received, that album for Christmas.  And it’s on my iPod.

The cooler/cooter slushing/slashing/sloshing song, which has gotten more hits than any other single post on my blog, and garnered more mean-spirited comments (it’s okay, I returned in kind – I have an unfortunate talent for mean, especially when stupid people are involved) will never be on my iPod.

The song in my last post?  Though it made me chuckle, it really, truly exemplifies most of the reasons I used to refuse to listen to country music.  Well, except I don’t think there was any beer drinkin’ in it.  I must say though, havin’ lived in the country for almost a year now, I understand why country music involves so much drinkin’.  There ain’t nothing’ else to do in these parts ‘cept go cow tippin’, and I hear that’s more fun if you’ve bin drinkin’ first anyways.

I jest.  Though we are in the country, we’re not in the right part of the country for the Cootillian dialect.

Oh, and by the way?  I found out tonight that I am not the only person who refers to some members of a certain American sub-culture as Cooters.  I was talking to a guy at church who has family in West Virginia, and he was telling me about going to a wrestling match for young kids, like 8-11-year-olds, and there was this little girl whipping the tar out of the boys, and (I quote) “They were coming off the mats crying and their cooter dads were all, ‘How’d you let yourself get beat by a girl?’”

See?????  It’s not just me.

So, anyway, just for clarification, that last song will never be on my iPod.  And the video?!?  There are two versions.  I spared you the version in which many, many people were flipping the bird at the end.

Eeekkkk!  That is so not me.

And will somebody please tell me, what kind of mothers let their little kids appear in a music video giving the one fingered salute?  Seriously.  

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt couldn’t flip you off if he wanted, because he got too far away from the water and dried out a bit, and his toes all fell off.  At least on his front feet.

PS – I find these things by listening to country music when I’m driving, or from other people listening to country music on the radio and calling me to say, “Look this song up on YouTube.”  In the case of today’s song, McH called me on his way home from work and said, “Look this song up.  It will make you chuckle.”  Yes, we are all that desperate for me to chuckle these days.

One thought on “Just For Clarification

  1. Why were people leaving you mean comments on the cooler slushing post? I don’t remember that. That’s just crazy. Just because you talk nasty on your blog, then try to pass it off all innocent-like, as if you don’t really know what you’re saying, I don’t see why anyone should be mean about it…


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