Pupdate: 16 Weeks

My husband pointed out that it’s been a while since I’ve posted a doggie growth picture.  I just figured you all were getting bored of that, plus I was always taking the pictures on Saturdays and we’ve had some very busy Saturdays; and then there has been the whole issue of the blahs which, I’m telling you people, were BAD.  I’ve hardly read blogs all week, or done much of anything else, because I was too busy just trying to make myself breathe in and out and, you know, feed my kids.

Luckily I woke up today feeling much better (for no apparent reason, but I’ll take it, because a few more days like that and I probably would have succumbed to seeking professional help, or, you know, taking St. John’s Wart).  (Why is it called St. John’s Wart?  Did one of the disciples have a skin virus and a cheery disposition?)

So, bored with my pupdates or not, here she is at 16 weeks.  I know she is 16 weeks old because tomorrow morning she goes to the vet to be spayed.  I hate surgery, whether on man or beast, but since it has to happen anyway, I’m glad it’s happening tomorrow.  We really do have about 22 people coming to our house tomorrow evening, and since Pup-N-Stuff and Rude The Dog will both be leaving in the morning and not returning until the next day, I can mop my floor before the people come and it will stay clean.  Road Kill dog has such dainty little feet, she never leaves foot prints.  Plus?  She just goes out to do her business and then comes right back in.  None of that running about in the mud and muck stuff the others so enjoy.

Anyway, again, here she is at 16 weeks:


She’s starting to get a bit leggy, which makes her look a smidge less like a bear cub as she trundles around our property.  Still, we’re keeping her in during hunting season.  Heck, the hardware store owner warned us to keep Rude in during hunting season this past fall.  See?  We really do live out in the sticks.  I mean, when the hardware store owner, who is also the local “tag your deer check station guy” warns you, when you are in to buy paint, to keep your dog inside over the weekend because people will be shooting at pretty much anything . . .

Now I think I’m starting to understand why they don’t have a Target around here.

And George . . .

9 thoughts on “Pupdate: 16 Weeks

  1. lauren

    hmmm, I think it might be St. John’s Wort, or am I being totally dumb?
    Also, glad that you’re doing the spay now, before she just gets monster-sized – there is no harder spay than a giant-breed dog once they get BIG. Their chests are just sooo massive.
    I’m really glad you’re having a better day. I hate the blahs.


  2. No, you’re not being totally dumb. It’s just funnier as St. John’s Wart. Because I was just to lazy to look up “wort” to see what it actually means. It’s probably some botanical thing, and my mother will leave a comment explaining it, since that kind of information just lives in her head.


  3. wart, ha! Botanical or not wort is a funny name. We have some spider wort in the front bed and it’s all yellow-grassy with these odd nubby purple flowers. Pretty in an ugly kind of way. St John’s Wort however looks little like this, though is still a rather ugly looking plant. Beauty is an opinon, though, so I could just be blind to it’s loveliness.


  4. Christina

    That dog is growing fast! I have the same problem with the mopping, only the dogs aren’t my biggest problem – it’s the kids. Also there seems to be some rule that within 8 hours of a floor being mopped something extremely messy and sticky has to be spilled upon it. It’s freakish how often that happens around here.


  5. What a nice “leggy” dog. We have a welsh corgi, so the legs are stumpy little things. He’s quite funny looking, but has a “sweet personality.” 🙂


  6. Nancy

    Well, I was going to leave a comment along the lines of “wort” just being an old fashioned word that means “plant,” but I don’t think I will now.


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