On Golden Pond

On golden pond

It does make for an exciting morning when two geese land in your yard and take a swim in your pond.  Were it not for all of the children bouncing around me, I may have gone outside with a cup of hot cider to just sit, and watch, and relax.

But, alas, there were children bouncing around me, cameras to be grabbed, and too, too many explanations of why, no, we do not hope the geese will decide to live at our pond (goose poo, people, is quite disgusting).


The older girls name them Georgia and Max.  I have no idea why, but I don’t really need to understand.

Some ducks, who must have been attracted by all the honking, joined them in them in the water for a while; but when I opened the back door to go out at get a better look, the ducks flew off.  Shortly thereafter, while I was editing the photos, the geese flew off as well.


Rude the vicious attack dog

This, of course, is a shot of Rude the Vicious Attack Dog filleting those geese as they head for the water.  Wow, aren’t they lucky they escaped with their lives??????  *Snort*

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt doesn’t want to share his pond with geese.

9 thoughts on “On Golden Pond

  1. Yeah. Sharing the pond with the geese would have been awful messy…but it was a neat experience while it lasted.
    We lived in the middle of a cornfield (in a house ;>) for a year and had a duck that claimed us for awhile. He (she?) lived in the field, but any time one of the kids would go outside to play she would start quacking, walk out of the field and follow the child around. Not in a mean way…more in a ‘your my friend’ kind of way.
    One day the duck (whom we had nicknamed Maynard) flew away with the rest of his buddies.
    Sad. But fun while it lasted.


  2. How beautiful! I am a little jealous. Not that I want to live in Radiator Springs where it takes 30 minutes to find a grocery store (I mean Wal-Mart), but I’d like to not be living so close to people all the time. Can’t escape my neighbors, ever. Grrr. But, that’s what an apartment in L.A. is all about, I guess. And you’re right, goose poo is pretty unpleasant.

    p.s. would you mind if I had the password, too? I love your stories!


  3. Carissa

    Oh I love that first picture! Amazing! I would not have wanted the geese to stay either – there are some who live down the street at the local park and I always find the “Don’t Feed the Geese they poop and it is gross” signs funny!

    And when I was catching up last night I could not get the password to work…did you change it? Maybe it is my fat fingers I really could not get to work!


  4. Christina

    oooooooh, that first picture is SO pretty! And I agree, geese are nice to look at but I wouldn’t want to share my yard with them.


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