I Love My iTouch

First, can I just say (and maybe I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again anyway) I can’t say or type the word iTouch without feeling a little dirty.  I’m not so sure the marketing geniuses (or genii, I checked) (or is it ichecked?) didn’t come up with with that little double entendre on purpose.

Anyhoo, have I mentioned how much I love my iTouch?  Not only can I listen to music, watch video, scroll through the thousands of pictures of my children, surf the internet, post to my blog, tell the time, set an alarm, make my shopping list, and So. Much. More! I can also read books!

Thanks to the good folks at Beam It Down (and by “good folks” I mean the thirty-seven-year-old nerdy English major who took up computer geeking as hobby to fill his lonely Friday and Saturday nights in his parents’ basement) (though I’m guessing, of course) I can read great classic literature without having to tap the screen every 15 seconds to turn the page.


As I read, the text just scrolls up the screen.  I only need tilt my iTouch slightly forward or backward to speed it up or slow it down according to my needs.  Brilliant!  I was hesitant to download this application at first, because one of the reviewers complained that s/he couldn’t keep up with it even at the slowest speed.  That made me a bit nervous.  But now?  To that reviewer?  I say this:  literacy programs – almost every county in every state has one.  And?  Wait until Beam It Down offers the Magic Tree House series, or maybe Dr. Seuss before you try again.

So, like I was saying, I love this.  I keep my iTouch in my purse at all times, so if I’m ever stuck anywhere with nothing to do but wait, I can just pull it out, turn it on, and pick up exactly where I left off (currently reading A Room With a View) (have you seen the Merchant Ivory version of that?  lovely!)  (warning to my Mormon friends: full male nudity, though not sexual at all) (also not that lovely).

And?  For ten dollars I got 50 classic books.  Granted, I already own . . . umm . . . several of them; but it is still a fantastically good price for all the ones I don’t have and haven’t read.

I won’t say I’m getting addicted to it, because I really don’t get that much time to just sit and read, but I could see myself being addicted to it if I did.  So, last night, I decided to read in bed for a bit with my iTouch (now I’m feeling extra dirty). 

I really didn’t plan that well.  I mean, what happens to you when you read in bed?  Of course, maybe you’re different than I am, but usually I fall asleep when I read in bed.

You can imagine my horror when I woke up and saw my book still scrolling away, like it was trying to get to the end before I could catch my mistake.

“Neener-neener!” my Beam it Down book was saying in a decidedly British accent as I, panic-stricken, hit the screen just a little to hard to make it stop.  Oh, please!  Make it stop!!!!!

I mean, if you fall asleep with an actual book, you can easily find your page later because, well, you know, books kind of fall open a bit right around wherever you left off.  But scrolling digital text stops for no one.

Luckily the software also allows you to drag the text back.  And drag it back.  And drag it back some more.

And some more.

And maybe just a little bit more.

At least I’m now cured of my Kindle coveting.

I just hope the Beam it Down nerds folks continue to add titles.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

8 thoughts on “I Love My iTouch

  1. J


    Full frontal nudity is not something that, as a rule, I am in any kind of favor of, BUT, one must make exceptions for exceptional things(by exceptional, I mean the movie, not the nudity.. ahem…)


  2. My daughter saw A Room With A View at BYU, so we rented it when she was home, on her recommendation. She was shocked, she hadn’t seen the nudity at school! LOL
    Another favorite, with equally non-sexual nudity (not frontal) is Waking Ned Devine. Try that one sometime!


  3. 1) love that movie so much, and 2) really love my Kindle very much too, more than any other single electronic device (well, love my BBerry too, but that’s work-related so I don’t think it’s in the same arena) but am intrigued by the iTouch. Maybe I need both? OK, off to cozy up to my Kindle in bed.


  4. Christina

    I’m with Tami… am currently coveting my virtual neighbors iTouch. Didn’t even know I needed such a thing until this post; now wondering how I shall live without it?!


  5. You always crack me up!!!! However, I must take a stand against all you techno people. I refuse to give in. I will not be swayed by gadgets. Classic lit. has PAPER PAGES. And a cover, that sometimes smells a little musty and has someone’s name scrawled on it. Classic lit scrolls for no one. I may be the last one on earth, but I want my books to be books, my phone to be a phone, my computer to be a computer. No iPhone, no iTouch. No, no, no.

    I’m also tempted to take an equally dramatic stand against male nudity. And not just in films.


  6. Oohh- I need that application. I have only had my itouch a few weeks and haven’t had much time to play with it…ok, talk about feeling/sounding dirty


  7. I wouldn’t know how to work an iTouch if I had one. I don’t own any fancy techno hand held gadgets of any kind. My cell phone doesn’t even have a built in camera. My teens all wish I would “get with it,” but I’m happy the way I am.

    This post ALMOST convinced me to break down and buy an iTouch though….;-)


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