Upchuck on the iTouch

Remember how iSaid iWas no longer coveting a Kindle because of the Beam it Down book reading application I got for my iTouch?

It’s giving me motion sickness.

i’M still reading A Room With a View, but dang.  i’M afraid i’M going to puke all over Cecil before Lucy ever gets to dump him.  And that would be sad, because he really needs dumped.  And?  As much as i’D like to loose a few pounds?  Not that way, please.

iSuppose iCould slow down the scroll speed of the text, but iRead a little faster than that (which isn’t to say iAm a speed reader by any means, but iAm more than functionally literate).

What to do, what to do?  iGuess i’LL have to limit my reading time to, say, less than 15 minutes at a stretch.  Or . . . iSuppose . . . iCould better utilize our itty bitty public library.  Or maybe just read the stack of actual books I have that are waiting to be read.

Or, you know, well . . . no . . . definitely not get a Kindle.  That would just be ridiculous.  A huge waste of family financial resources, of course.  Think of all of the food storage iCould buy.

So instead?  iThink the Kindle people, you know, the good folks at Amazon.com, should just give me one for free.  iWould read it with abandon and shamelessly plug it on my blog.

As long as it doesn’t make me puke.

9 thoughts on “Upchuck on the iTouch

  1. You crack me up. Now, if you upchucked on the iTouch and it was irrepairable, then you’d probably HAVE to get a Kindle, right? I’ve been coveting a Kindle myself, but it would be pretty silly of me to even try to justify it as I have no time to read nor the $$ to buy one. BUT, if I had a Kindle I would get to read more, right? (not sure how, just that I’m sure I WOULD be able to fit in more reading, magically, cause it’s a KINDLE!)


  2. Oh NO you don’t! Don’t you DARE go stealing my free Kindle! They’re going to offer it to ME first! You already have a cool gadgety reading type of thingy. I need one now too…and after purchasing that Wii Fit which is doing nothing but torturing me, I can’t justify purchasing one of these neat gizmos. So just keep your little hands off…OKAY?!
    Now…to show you how nice I really am…I’m offering to send you some Pepto tablets. I think I still have some left around here from last year’s trip to Ukraine. ;>)


  3. We are getting one to review – I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m very curious becuase I’m mostly negative on the idea of books on screens of any kind. I like paper in my hand and pages to turn at my own pace. I have enough issues staring at a screen all day for work. Add in leaisure and I want to scream. I’m curious to know how the Kindle will compare to the iTouch (I have the iPhone which I assume is exactly the same). I’ll let ya know.


  4. tksthoughts

    I too would LOVE a Kindle but I just can’t justify the expense. It was on my Christmas wish list but it so did not happen. I guess “Santa” forgot to bring it down the chimney – either that or I was on the naughthy list. If the Kindle fairy does bring you a lovely Kindle please ask her to leave two – one for me also.


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