Since I Shared an Easter Message . . .

I’m skipping Mormon Monday.

I have no excuse for why I skipped it last week.  And maybe the week before.

Anyway, I have been working on a ginormous blog post in which I nominate a fragillion people for a couple of blog awards which recently have been bestowed upon me.  With the holiday and life and whatnot, blog time, both writing and reading, has been limited lately.  So stayed tuned tomorrow (hopefully) for all the award stuff.

In the meantime, I may continue to not read blogs in case any of the people I’m nominating have been nominated by someone else already.  I don’t want to know.  Because?  If I know?  I’ll feel compelled to go back and change the list of bloggers I’ve already made.  I don’t want to.

After I get that done, maybe I’ll tackle the God and Adoption post that has been swirling around my gray matter for about two years now.  I like J’s suggestion of doing a roundtable on that one, so if anyone is interested in participating just leave a comment or shoot me an email.  Once I have an idea of how many people want to join in, I’ll figure out how we’ll do it (feel free to make suggestions).

So onto today’s much, much shorter topic and post:

I need a good graphic designer/artist type person.  Any suggestions?  Specifically, we want to design a family crest/coat of arms.  We’ve been talking about this off and on for a few years, and lately we’ve been talking about it again.  Okay, okay, so I’ve been making everyone talk about it and think about it a bit.  But I want a family crest.  A really cool, non-cartoony looking family crest.  We know the basic elements we want in it, now I just need someone to design it up all fancy shmancy for us.  So if you know anyone who does that kind of work, or if you are someone who does that kind of work, let me know.

I have plans for this family crest.  Wasteful, expensive plans that will stimulate the economy and make my husband shake his head back and forth with dismay (kinda like I’ve been doing with the swing set) (which, by the way, now looks like this):

swing set

And here is a picture of the kids from yesterday after church:


Look at that!  You can see all five kids, but no complete faces!  Am I a great photographer or what???? (Hint:  Or What.  It was a lucky shot.  I was having them all hold hands to line up and walk away so I could get one of those pictures of them all holding hands and walking away, you know.  Quinn assumed they were all holding hands to play ring around the rosie, so I just took a few shots of that.  Good thing, because all of the walking away photos are lousy).

Now, back on topic:  graphic designer anyone?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is not going on the family crest.

12 thoughts on “Since I Shared an Easter Message . . .

  1. Wow! Awesome photo of the kids! I’d be putting that one in a big frame over the mantle. And that swing set? Totally out of control. I’ve already emailed hubby the photo link to shame him, so if you get an anonymous poster cursing you and McH, it’s him.

    Hmmm…a family crest. What big, expensive plans might you have for it, if you don’t mind me asking? When I was a kid, we had an ashtray with our last name and family crest on it. I can’t imagine bigger plans than that.


  2. GREAT picture of the kids! I agree with Gina…that’s worth framing.
    I’d love to help with the round table…just let me know how.
    And finally…wish me luck. I’m taking all four kids to DENVER by MYSELF! AUGH. WHAT AM I THINKING?! :O)


  3. The picture is priceless! And I’d love to be a part of the “roundtable” even though I only have a slim idea of what that even is! I’d just like to be involved in a God/Adoption discussion with others who have walked the walk!


  4. J

    Love the kid pic, um framing it?

    you know I’m in on the God and Adoption rountable…
    where is Christina on this one?
    Come on Chris, you know you want in…


  5. Dittos on the pic of your kids, it really is a nice photo. I also might be interested in the roundtable. Timing would be the issue as I have a few spans of time coming up that are crazy busy.


  6. I’m up for the God/Adoption discussion – like you, maybe it will get me to write what is swirling around in my head.

    And it really is a good picture. At least your kids still humor you and allow you to take their pictures. I should show you our Easter photos, they will not stop making faces. My whole family sees the camera and run, especially the kids


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