A Couple Quick Links

This first one is pretty funny, but probably only if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I suppose if you are unusually familiar with stories from the Book of Mormon for someone who is not a member, you will also find it funny:

Peeps of Mormon

So, there you go.  Have fun with all of those leftover Easter Peeps for your next Family Home Evening.

(Incidentally, if you have any leftover Easter Peeps?  Lucky!  Radiator Springs pretty much sold out of them before I even got any.  We had to drive to the closest Big City (45ish minutes away) to find any.  Insane.  At that point I felt like I shouldn’t buy too many so that anyone else who found themselves spending their Friday evening driving almost two hours round trip to find Peeps could actually find some.)

The next link will also be of interest to my LDS readers, and to any other readers who prefer modest clothing over the ever-so-popular not modest stuff that so many people are sporting these days.  Remember when we used to make fun of people with “plumber’s crack”?  I really think we need to get back to that. 

Anyway, if you prefer modest clothing, here is a blog to add to your blog roll and/or reader account:

Cute Covered 

In addition to shopping resources, Jena has some good tips and tricks for being more modest with what you already have in your closet.

There is a giveaway going on right now at Cute Covered, so go check it out!  But don’t feel like you have to leave a comment or anything, because I want to win the gift card. 😉

Hopefully I’ll get the other post finished today.  Hopefully . . .

3 thoughts on “A Couple Quick Links

  1. Christina

    Thanks for the heads up about the Cute Covered giveaway!

    Saw Peeps at the grocery store yesterday for 1/2 off. How annoying is that? Worse is how bad I wanted to buy them, but I am attempting to avoid candy so I resisted. Which was very very sad. For me.


  2. I am liking the cute covered…teachers should be cute and definitely covered! My grocery store had tons of peeps- I am hoping to get some 1/2 off tomorrow. Cause, you know, I am trying to diet and I am sure peeps would help.


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