Mormon Monday & Other Stuff

First with the other stuff:

Today was “You May Have a Job When You Come to Work This Morning, but Not When You Are Walked Out Two Hours Later” day at McH’s place of employment.  It is currently 3:38 p.m. and he is not home, so I guess we are still gainfully employed.  (I did talk to him around 1:45, and he was waiting for the official list of who wasn’t so lucky so that he could get the IT team started on deleting accounts and whatever else it is they have to do).  I believe the official word now is that there will be one more day like this before the end of May, and if we survive that we should be able to breathe easy for . . . a bit.  But who knows?  The whole situation seems to change from day to day.

This is standardized testing week for my two oldest.  I prefer to just call it Hell Week, since it involves dragging all five kids into town (Radiator Springs) and hanging out (at the local college) through two different testing sessions.  Luckily my girls usually finish pretty quickly.  And?  Today one of the official charter school teachers who is proctoring our test site said we could just come for one session the next two test days and they’d let both girls take their tests at the same time, even though that means one will not be testing during her scheduled time.  Yay!!!!  I’d much rather entertain the littles through one testing session than two.  This also means we can get more actual schooling done during those days.  Today was a total loss.  I mean, I guess I could make them do some school now, but yuck.  Start at almost 4 p.m.?  I think not.

The puppy, who is now just about an inch shorter than Rude the Dog, has learned how to open the back door and let herself in.  This wouldn’t be a problem were she not always wet and muddy and in need of a good toweling off before being allowed past the door.  Also?  She doesn’t know how to shut the door once she is in, which is hell on the utility bills and lets every fly in the county in.  Funny, actually, because she has this problem with accidentally shutting the bathroom door all the time.  She likes to nap in our half bath, you see, and the door to that bathroom is usually mostly, though not entirely, closed.  So she goes up to the door and tries to nose it open enough for her big hairy self to get in, but closes it instead.  Every. single. time.

As we were waiting for A~ to take her test today, Tank Boy and I spent some time playing with the letters that go to his Word Whammer (don’t blame me, I didn’t name the thing).  He should have no problems with kindergarten next year.  He was spelling and reading all kinds of words (mostly of the three-letter variety, but not all) with little to no effort.  Actually, there was no effort on the spelling, and sometimes just a little on the reading.  Sa-weet!  Not bad for four.

Reason # 1,561 that I’m glad I own an iTouch:  When the church service is lasting one hour and forty minutes (don’t ask) (unless you really want to — I don’t care) and the almost two-year-old who is currently obsessed with telling me the sounds the letters make is starting to lose it at about one hour and five minutes, I can just get out the iTouch, pull up the memo application, and he can type letters and say their sounds to his heart’s content.  I mean, he wasn’t saying the sounds too loudly, and it’s better than the screaming anyway, right?  Actually, most of the time he was too fascinated with the whole thing to even say the letter sounds, and it kept him busy for the last 30 minutes.

And that, my friends, is as good a segue into Mormon Monday as we’re going to get today.


To everyone who has expressed interest participating in the God and Adoption roundtable:  I will be emailing you all soon about that.  If anyone else wants to get in on it, it isn’t too late.

And George, if you’re out there . . .

3 thoughts on “Mormon Monday & Other Stuff

  1. Oh ugh on the job stuff, glad so far he’s still not home thus should be good for him – always felt bad for the IT folk on these days, they’re in a tough spot. Hope things settle down work-wise.

    The puppy update is hilarious – I think you are overdue to post some kind of puppy size update, a first and current or something!

    Wow on Tank Boy’s mad skillz, I’m totally impressed – and know of course the girls will do great on their tests!

    I think I need an iTouch…


  2. My stomach would be in knots about the job. The fact that you are not in a corner crying and trying not to vomit makes you a stronger woman than I. We’ll keep the hub and your family in our prayers for blessings in the job department!


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