Dear Beloved Children

Dear Children,

I know it is terribly, terribly exciting to catch a pair of apparently mating toads in the fish net.  But next time?  Please do not run into my kitchen with said toads in said net dripping everywhere.  And?  In case you didn’t get the memo?  You’re girls.  You are supposed to think these things are gross.  I shudder to think what the boys will bring into my kitchen when they are a few years older.

That is all.

And the Mop

Edited to Add:  I have just had a little explore around the pond with the children.  Frog and Toad and all their friends are getting their groove on, let me tell you.  They are just a few doobies and Jimi Hendrix away from Woodstock in my back yard; but there is no shortage of free love (or amphibian eggs).

4 thoughts on “Dear Beloved Children

  1. Christina

    Oh my goodness!! If my kids brought a couple of copulating toads into my house I would be freaking out! (And mating toads? Never even thought about how those tadpoles appeared…never really wanted to…)


  2. My house full of teenagers would get a kick out of that!!!!

    I just got back online after being “unplugged” for a week. I think I’m caught up on reading your posts. You make me want to get out in my garden, except that, aside from tomato plants, we aren’t planting anything yet until our new fence is installed, so that our baby plants don’t get stomped on by fence installers. You definitely plant more exotic stuff than we do…


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