Weekend Goals

1.  Get a hair cut trim cut trim cut trim something.

2.  Make sure my queens aren’t dead or anything.  That would be queen bees, of course.  I don’t think drag is very big in these parts, and even if it were, and if I did know some of them, it would be rather uppity and insufferable to call them “my” queens.

3.  Stop winding up in front of the fridge wondering, “Why am I standing here with the door open?”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that in the past day or two.  Once I was on my way to switch a load of laundry and found myself looking into the fridge.  Then I needed a jar of pasta sauce from the storage room in the basement, and I found myself staring into the fridge.  I almost put the giganto carton of Gold Fish into the fridge.  My brain seems to be misfiring a bit.  I still have the sore throat and a tiny bit of a cough.  The fever is very low grade and comes and goes (mostly goes, to be perfectly honest), so I don’t know what is going on.  But it seems to be making me a bit muddled and I wind up looking into the fridge for things I can’t remember that have nothing to do with anything actually in the refrigerator. 

I keep debating whether or not I should go see a doctor about this, but I don’t actually have a doctor up here yet, and I loathe the idea of walking into an urgent care or ER just to say, “I have a slightly more than mild sore throat, intermittent low-grade fever, kinda more tired than normal, and I keep standing in front of the refrigerator wondering what I’m looking for.  Could you please give me a rapid strep test?”

The thing is, I could could have a strep test done any day of any week and it would probably come back positive.  I seem to be a strep carrier (though I think it shows up better on the actual throat culture than it does on the rapid strep test).  Anyway, I’m still not convinced I have active strep, but the test would probably come back positive and they’d put me on antibiotics.  Now, this wouldn’t be all bad, because the ol’ adult acne has been flaring up and the antibiotics would help with that, but other than that they wouldn’t serve any real medical purpose that I am aware of.  If I have active strep, they would make it so I can’t spread it around.  But if the test just comes back positive because I’m a carrier?  Then it really wouldn’t make a difference.  I’m not contagious if I’m not active.  At least that is my understanding of things, and since I’ve never infected any of my family members it seems pretty sound.

In the meantime, I suspect I have a virus (though the acne might indicate otherwise).  But I think it’s a virus because a few days before the throat and the fever and the refrigerator all set it, I had this fine rash that made me think, “That looks like  a viral rash.  What’s it doing on my arm flab?”  I mean, aren’t viral rashes supposed to show up on your torso somewhere?  Not highlight visible areas of your body that need some resistance training?

Wait just a second . . . I think I need to go get something from the fridge . . .

Just kidding.

4.  Cart some of the sod we McH ripped out of the garden expansion area over to the low spot in the field that we haven’t been able to mow because we keeping getting the riding mower stuck in the muck.  Yeah, we’re cool like that with our riding mower and all.  Anyway, it is a veritable swamp over there, but it has the nicest, most lush grass on our property, and I’m sure by now a couple of alligators are probably calling it home.  Seriously though, something has to be done or it will be come the Copa Cabana for mosquitoes, so I’m filling it in with sod that has much lower quality grass on it.  Oh well.

5.  Pick a dentist so I can call and make some appointments on Monday.  Midge showed me yesterday where she has an adult tooth coming in on the bottom, but the baby tooth in front of it isn’t even slightly loose.  This freaks me out a little since I had to have my bottom front teeth pulled for this very reason when I was four or five.  However, one of my other girls had this same thing happen, and our wonderful dentist who is now 2.5 hours away said to just give it time, so we did, and the baby tooth came out on its own.  Also, since I was looking into Midge’s mouth, I decided to take a peek into Tank Boy’s mouth, and he seems to have a cavity!  Lovely.  None of my kids have ever had a cavity before.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  But it’s true.  Anyway, I need to get it looked at before his whole head rots off and children’s services comes to pay me a visit, but I’m too busy staring into my refrigerator to realize they are here.

6.  Muster up the courage and determination to call our local school district on Monday (or, you know, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday . . . just one of those days next week, anyway) and talk to them about enrolling our two oldest for next school year.  That will get its own post sometime soon, probably.  This has been a huge, difficult decision, and I’m still not 100% committed to it, but I suppose 99.9% is good enough to make the call.  I will be whimpering in a corner in the fetal position late in August, but it really is probably for the best.  More later on that.

7.  There is no 7.  I think that is enough goals for the weekend (and they are on top of other things I have to do for church and whatnot, so really there is a seven, but one of the girls needs this computer, and I need to go see what’s in the fridge . . . kidding).

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Goals

  1. Did you go and change your blog header on me?! Its cute. I love it!
    As for the refrigerator…its not you. Its sending out subliminal messages. Mine does that all the time. I’m constantly finding myself standing in front of it, wondering what brought me over there. Usually I have a book in my hand and am reaching for some chocolate item when I come to my senses. The fridge is possessed…I’m tellin’ ya! 🙂


  2. Perhaps the alligator I evicted back in February could make a home for itself in your small swampy area. (I’m just kidding. I have no idea what happened to that creature, except that I do know it is gone.)

    My uncle is a dentist over this way, but still about an hour from you. But email me if you get desperate for a recommendation.


  3. We know a great dentist (wonderful with kids) up where I met you once (north of us and east of you.) Let me know if you would like more info, though I suspect there a decent dentists a tad closer.

    Wow, enrolling the older two girls. I know it will happen for us at some point, but it’s hard to imagine doing it. I am sure you have thought it through…doesn’t make it any easier. Good luck on that and keep me posted on how they do.


  4. Christina

    Do you have a craving for ham or bacon when you go to the fridge? Cuz maybe your “virus” is swine flu…?? KIDDING!! Mostly. 😉


  5. I’m with you on getting a hair–something. I am three weeks overdue for my regular trim and my hair is driving me crazy. Now that it’s been so long I find myself wondering if I should try something totally new once I do finally find the time to go in.

    And, good luck in mustering up the courage to call the school district.


  6. egads – I don’t even know where to begin. Go for the cut. A trim always feels like such a waste of money! 😛 hope your queens are ok and please don’t infect them with your piggy flu because then the rest of the world will surely die of a pandemic and you will be the new patient zero who gave it to The Bees. There will be movies made about you. It might not be such a bad deal, actually.

    After one summer with the swamp, we killed our grass by refusing to water it but the mosquitoes were mostly better! This year I’m conflicted. Fewer mosquitoes but grass you can’t step in without stabbing yourself in the foot which undoubtedly will lead up to a staph infection which will lead up to an ER visit which will give us the piggy flu? Or swamp it out and die from malaria. I’m having trouble picking my poison. I may skip the decision entirely and just get some Valium.

    Did you blog about the tooth that came in before the other fell out on your other daughter? I swear I remember that. I also swear I remember our dentist telling us that it can take like 8 months for the swap to happen and not to freak unless it’s still there a year later. But I could be inventing that. Still since all my phobias stemmed from having extractions of baby teeth for that reason I’m always a fan of letting nature take its course if at all possible.

    So sorry about the school decision (that you had to make one, not that you chose school). that’s going to suck for you (much more than for them, almost guaranteed). Please share more details when you can.


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