Mormon Monday and Reporting on My Weekend Goals

First I’ll report on my weekend goals, but you should really watch the video I’m going to post at the end, because I think most of you will appreciate it on some level.

Hair cut:

I told her to take about three inches off the length, about an inch off the layers, trim the bangs and add to them just a bit.  She cut three inches off the length, about an inch off the layers, and got it all straight and even.  I think.  I can’t bee too sure because I have been irreversibly distracted by the bangs.  Oh. my. word!  The bangs!  My mother said it is almost the Cleopatra look.  Almost????  No, it is exactly the Cleopatra look, it’s just that I fought long and hard with it yesterday morning to make it not look like the Cleopatra look.  If I had more time, I’d find a picture of the Cleopatra thing to paste here for the two people in the world who don’t know what that means.

People, I do not have the bone structure, face shape, or requisite number of chins (1) to pull off the Cleopatra look.  Don’t get me wrong – it looks great on some people.  I am not one of those people.

Plus?  It accentuates the gray hairs very nicely.  I honestly hadn’t realized how gray I am getting until she cut these very short, very wide bangs into my hair.  It is enough to make me want to go whimper inconsolably in a corner.  Instead?  I’m going to color it as soon as I put Quinn down for his nap.

When I walked into the house immediately following my hair salon excursion, A~ took one look and said, “Oh my.”  I am not making that up.

Later?  After I’d put my hair up in a ponytail for the night (which I do every night), L~ said, “Your bangs look good when you have your hair back like that.  It’s just, you know, when it’s not back . . . “

Everyone’s a critic.

McH, my mother, and a couple of people at church who were obviously taking pity on me told me they think it looks good.’

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Queen Bee Check:

Too windy, too rainy, too not home all day yesterday to accomplish this one.  I believe tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so I’ll do it then.  I’d do it this afternoon, but we are going to the circus at 4:30, and I need to color my hair and then shower before then, which means there will be no time.  So tomorrow it is.  Hopefully.  I probably won’t need to use the smoker, though; because the bees will see my new bangs and fall over on their fuzzy little backs laughing at me.  They bee too distracted to want to sting me.  If they do sting me?  It will be because my bangs are so awful.


I’m feeling much better.  Sore throat is gone, fever is gone, wandering absent-mindedly to the fridge is gone.  I even lost a pound.  (I know what you’re thinking:  water weight, nothing to get excited about.  Shut up.)

Swamp for Sod Exchange Program:

I hauled a bunch of sod over there and filled in most of the swamp.  There are still a few areas I need to hit.  Tomorrow.  Although?  The Swamp Monster will probably come out just to laugh at my hair.

Pick A Dentist:

I didn’t do anything about that this weekend, though I got all kinds of medical recommendations this morning.  Thank you!  Now I just have to check and see who is covered by our insurance, accepting new patients, and all that good stuff.  So by week’s end I should at least have an appointment to keep Tank Boy’s head from rotting off.

Call The School District Courage:

Oh yeah, I’m all over that one.  In fact?  I’d call them RIGHT NOW, but I need to finish this post, then put the baby toddler down for his nap, color my hair, send the oldest two next door for piano lessons, get the younger two dressed in presentable attire for the circus, do some dishes, you know, pick my teeth, check my belly button for lint, etc.  Today is just too busy with very important stuff.  Tomorrow is another day.

Make Reservations for an Actual Vacation:

Yeah, I didn’t tell you about that one, did I?  We haven’t gone on an actual vacation since A~ was 3 and L~ was 1.5.  This summer we promised the kids we’d take them to a beach somewhere.  After spending hours on the internet looking at various beachy places and researching rooms rates and availability, I discovered that our family is just too damn big.

But McH has a sister who lives about an hour and a half from a beach, and we have never gone to visit her since she has lived where she lives.  Actually?  We have never gone to visit her period.  So?  We’re going to go visit her, stay at her place a night, go down to the beach where we’ve rented a condo for two days (the sister and her little boy are coming with us), then go back to her place for a night before trekking the 13 hours back home.  It’s a win-win.  Except for the 13 hour drive, but whatever.

So sometime this summer I will be posting from the beaches of Tybee Island.  I know you’ll just keep reading and reading now, waiting for that, won’t you?  I mean, the anticipation:  when will they go?  How will they survive 13 hours in a car with five kids?  Who will get sunburned first, and how bad will it be?  There hasn’t be public anticipation like this since “Who Shot J.R.”

*Groan*  I bet most of you are too young to remember that.  *Groooaaaaannnnn*  I bet lots of you weren’t even born when that was going on.

No wonder I need to go color my grays.

Real quickly first:  Mormon Monday:

8 thoughts on “Mormon Monday and Reporting on My Weekend Goals

  1. That’s one of the places I’m investigating for our summer vacation too! I just want to sit on a beach, dig my toes in the sand & watch the kids splash in the waves. Only for us, it’s 19 hours & I don’t enjoy my new van that much.

    I think you’ve just made the decision for me – I’m going to grow my bangs out & then I won’t have to find a new stylist any time soon.


  2. On the hair…YOU TOO?! I thought it was just me! My ‘stylist’ if you want to call her that chopped TWO INCHES off my head this last week. Now I look waaaaaay too butch for my liking. No, I’m not posting pictures!
    I am also coloring today, which should keep me from looking TOO bald because there’s no hair left on my head!!!!
    Also spent last Thursday at the circus. What is this? Are we doing the parallel lives thing again, because if we are you need to get out your moving boxes. You’ll be needing them at the end of this month. ;>)


  3. jan ranger (JTM phoebe) and

    i will be chuckling over your post for the rest of the evening most likley. thanks for the laughs. xoxoxo, jan 🙂


  4. My hairdresser never takes enough off my bangs. I don’t want them Cleopatra short, but I hate cutting them myself 2 weeks later. I don’t watch much reality tv anymore so I will be drooling with anticipation about your family vacation!


  5. metaphase

    I’m with you and Christina on the J.R. and hair color thing. Though I know how gray my hair is. There’s no escaping it. That’s the downer of having naturally black hair (and not being Asian). The gray comes early and often…


  6. We are road-tripping it to Oregon in a few weeks. Only we have to take TWO vehicles because of the size or our family. I can only imagine the ADVENTURES our teens are going to create.

    I just had my hair colored today. I am too chicken to try it myself. Somehow I would manage to botch it, and then your Cleopatra look would be absolutely glamorous compared to my coloring job.


  7. ha. Trust the kids to tell you the truth. I came home one day from getting my hair cut and Chloe took one look at me and said, “What did you do to your hair?!?” Not going back to that salon ever again.

    . . .and I was totally into Dallas!!


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