Question:  Is my post title:

a).  The sound I made when I opened up my beehives yesterday?
b).  The sound Adam Lambert makes every single time he sings on American Idol?
c).  All of the above?
d).  None of the above?

I’ll give you a minute to think about that (cue Jeaopardy music).

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo DOOT doodoodoodoodoo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, DOOT doo doo doo doo. doo. doo.

If you picked “b” then you get 15 points!  Yay for you!  If you picked “a” or “c” well, how big of a wuss do you think I am?  If you picked “d” then you obviously don’t watch American Idol.  Or at least, you don’t pay much attention when you do.

Anyway, I want to tell you all about the circus we went to on Monday, and one of these days I will, but dude, check it out (I’ve been watching too much American Idol this year – I’m channeling my inner Randy), yo dude, check it (at least I’m not channeling my inner AAAAAaaaaaadam) I can’t write about the circus until I can do it justice, know what I’m sayin’?  And right now?  I just don’t have the time to do it justice.  But soon, soon.  I mean, I can’t not tell you about the circus where the cotton candy sales guy was the best act, right?

Quickly, though, I wanted to share a bit of my beekeeping experience from yesterday.  I went out and opened up those hives, one at a time, all by myself.  I feel quite accomplished now.  Plus?  I even thought to take a camera out with me.  Now keep in mind I was wearing gloves up to my elbows and one of those really attractive, in no way nerdy, bee veils, so it was difficult to see what I was shooting.  Plus?  I took out the little camera, not the good one.  All this to say, I didn’t get as good a shot as I had hoped of what I saw as I inspected my hives.

And what I saw?  Was a whole bunch of bees lining up along the tops of the occupied frames to stare me down.  I am not making that up.  Once those little buzzers realized some large, nerdy-veiled creature was responsible for the removal of parts of their new home, they lined up and began watching me.  It’s a little unnerving to realize stinging insects are, en masse, keeping their eye on you, probably formulating a battle plan, undoubtedly whispering up and down the line, “We can take her,”  “Sure we can,”  “As she moves around, just look for an opening in that veil thing so we can sting her eyes out.  Once she’s blind she’ll be an easier target,”  “Bring it on baby, bring in on!”

I always thought of bugs as being rather dumb until I witnessed all that yesterday.  Now I know:  honeybees are plotting to take over the world.


As I said, this photo really doesn’t do it justice.  Next time I’ll try to get it from a better angle, rather than just straight down.  Because in reality?  They were peeking up over the tops of the frames at me.  I swear it’s true.  You can kind of see it in that bottom row of bees.

On the upside, none of them ever did try to sting me, and?  I was able to find both of my queens alive and well.  Alive, anyway.  I have no idea if they’re laying eggs like they should be or not.   The feeders were bone dry, so I really need to make some more bee food and take it out there, but at least I saw them coming and going with pollen on their legs (before I opened up the hives and they all went into High Alert Status (threat level orange, I think)) so they should be coming up with something to eat.  Maybe.  Hmmmm . . . I’d better get that water boiling for the bee food . . .

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you about the circus.  Hopefully tonight I’ll get caught up on my blog reading.  Things have just been so busy lately, so I’m perpetually behind and I’m not leaving comments nearly as much as I’d like.

Plus?  I’m slowly getting sucked into FaceBook.  I’m trying not to, because heaven knows I don’t need one more time suck in my life, but I found an old college roommate yesterday!  Plus?  People are posting photos that may or may not be tagged with my name, thereby leading straight back to me, so I may or may not be keeping an eye on that situation because the whole thing may or may not be freaking me out just a bit.  Not that they are embarrassing photos (well, except for the 80s hair).  In fact?  I look at them and think, “Wow I wish I were still that thin and my posture was still that good!”  But still, you know me and my life of crime (victim), and weirdos and the internet.  *shudder*

And George, if you’re out there, maybe my killer bees could sniff you out?

6 thoughts on “AAAaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  1. Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack, woman?! I opened up my google reader and there right before my eyes were hundreds of BEES! AUGH! Seriously, this is one part of our lives that will NEVER be lived in the parallel universe. I’m getting squeemish just thinking about moving back to Kansas. At least here in Grab-Your-Lasso we didn’t have wasps! I’ll have to go back into hiding during the summer.
    However, I am seriously jealous of all of that honey you’re going to get for your troubles. ;>)


  2. Nancy

    Definitely feed your bees, or they will have to eat what they are foraging and won’t be able to draw the frames out. Then you won’t get as much honey.

    At least you have two queens. My hive that didn’t have a queen now has one, and the one that did, doesn’t. Instead it has laying queen cells and laying workers, which I’m finding is very much not a good thing.


  3. I can’t get over that you keep bee’s. The most exciting part of my week is reorganizing my bookshelf {which is actually something I do have to do soon}, and you get to raise bee’s.


  4. I’ve looked for you a dozen times on FB and have never been able to find you — I’m so excited to know you’re on there! Please hunt me up and friend me! When I look for you, I tend to find people who share your name, but seem to be located in Montreal or France. 🙂

    I just started a new blog — check me out at!


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