I Hab A Cold

Two boxes of tissues in less than two days, and no signs of it slowing down.

Did you know there are directions on those Halls Mentho-Lyptus drops?  One every two hours.  Ooops.

But really, that’s not what I came here to tell you about today.  I came here to tell you about my hot date with McH last Friday.

I almost titled this post:  More Proof That I Married Edward.

First, I should probably tell you, we did not go out for Italian, and there was no mushroom ravioli involved.

We did, however, go see the latest X-Men movie.  H-H-hot!  There is just nothing quite like Hugh Jackman all Wolverined-out, walking around in a wife-beater.  (See?  I said HOT date with my husband.  Where did you think I was going to go with that?)

After the movie we were going to a church activity for just adults (which is so nice because as much as I do like the kidlets, I also like adult conversation that isn’t interrupted every 5.7 seconds by somebody needing a clean diaper, help with their plate of food, a referee for an argument, a band aid, a reprimand, etc.), so we decided to swing by the local KFC for some quick chicken. 

I mean, really, why else would you swing by the local KFC? 

Actually, I was just shocked and grateful that there was a local KFC in that small town 30 minutes north of our Tiny Town.  I mean, really, a movie theater and a KFC?  It’s almost like being back in civilization.

And yes, there was food at the church activity, but it was a picnic theme, and what is more picnic than Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Really?  So that was our contribution.

We went through the drive through (or thru, if you’re into that annoying spelling of the word) (though it arguably does make more sense than through), placed our order, and then pulled up to the window.  The Kentucky Fried Chick took McH’s credit card, asked if we wanted any sauce with our chicken strips, and then?  She just gazed at him.


He said, “No thank you,” and she continued to lean out the window, speechless, gazing, gawking.

I was just about ready to lean over and stick my tongue down his throat when she came to her senses (oh how embarrassed she was) and mumbled, “Umm, sorry.  Umm, sauce?  Did you want sauce?” 

I could see every impure thought as if it were painted on her forehead.

McH once again said no thank you, and she retreated to swipe the card.

“You dazzled her,” I said.

“Yeah, right,” he said.

But it’s true, he did.  And?  He knew it.

Oh how fun it is going to be to hang out on a beach with him this summer.

Did I say I need to loose 10 pounds?  Let’s make that 20.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

8 thoughts on “I Hab A Cold

  1. ooooh, I like the new look…
    I hear ya with the hot hubby and the not so hot self… I am working hard on that 10 lbs…I know I can lose it, its the keeping it off that I am worried about…


  2. Sorry about the cold. That stinks! Especially during the summer. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    Does McH still have the vampire hair? I have to admit he is a bit of a hottie, especially with the vampire hair. Hmmm…what a cross you must bear, being married to Edward. Jeez! 🙂


  3. metaphase

    Sorry to hear about the cold. I remember your husband from the “Prison Break vs. Vampire hair”. If I worked at KFC I may stare at your husband, too. I mean, it would be better than looking at fried chicken or that cole slaw..


  4. Christina

    That has happened a time or two with my hubby – usually waitresses. It’s a little weird, don’t ya think? I mean HELLO? WIFE SITTING RIGHT HERE. Also, I think it’s very annoying that guys get more handsome and intriguing the older they get but we just get… well, older. SIGH.


  5. Hope your cold gets better soon. There is nothing worse to have when the weather starts to get nice.

    Of course I remember McH from the big vote. I would never drool over someone’s husband…at least not in front of their wife…but I don’t work at KFC. Know what I’m sayin? Not that all KFC workers are less than appropriate but- I should really just stop here.

    And if you figure out how to lose 20 pounds in the next month or so, let me know.


  6. Hope you’re feeling better now! Your hot date cracks me up. And the person at KFC, ultra-classy! Sweet of McH to try to pretend he didn’t notice. And the idea of you going ahead and sticking your tongue down his throat in the car of the KFC drive-thru makes me giggle…


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