Today Is Your Day: Tantrum Tuesday

I should have picked tomorrow to do this because then I could have titled the post Wednesday Whine.  Whatever.

So, as promised the other day, today is your day to whine, moan, groan, complain, jump up and down and stomp your feet like a child if you want.  We all want to sometimes.

Today is the day to just get it all out there without feeling like you need to apologize or explain yourself.  Sometimes life sucks, and this is your chance to tell us all about it in the comments section.

Do it anonymously if you want.  Make it long, make it short, whatever.  It’s entirely up to you.

But first?  A few points of housekeeping:

1.  No leaving comments judging, berating, or looking down your nose at someone else’s comment.  The whole point is to give people an opportunity to dump, to get stuff off their chest, without feeling judged.

2.  Since I am allowing anonymous comments on this, all comments will be held for approval before they appear on the blog.  This will enable me to make sure nobody is leaving any nasty comments about other people’s comments.

3.  I try to keep my blog pretty PG, so even though this is your time to dump please try to come up with replacements for some of the more colorful words you may feel the need to bandy around.  The word Frap, for instance, is a really good substitute. 

I think that’s it for housekeeping.  I’ll do my best to stay on top of thing so that comments aren’t held for moderation too long.

Ready. . . set . . . go!

14 thoughts on “Today Is Your Day: Tantrum Tuesday

  1. tks

    Thank you so, so much for this. Let the whining begin. Why is it that everyone I know is getting married or having a kid? Every time I turn around I am getting another phone call, another text, or another email with the “exciting news”. Is it too much to ask for me to have some exciting news of my own? I don’t want to host another stupid shower, I don’t want to attend another dabnamit wedding, and I don’t want to pick something off your stupid registry. And telling me one day it will be my turn while you grin from ear to ear and wiggle your finger with you shiny diamond does not make me feel any better. It is not like a I am asking for a lot. – I don’t want George Clooney (but I would take him if came a knocking). I want a caring, God-Fearing, loving, hard working man who I can share a life with…but nooooooooo…what I get instead is invitation, after invitation, after invitation. *SIGH* Oh – and don’t tell me I have plenty of time – I am turning 29 this year and I am in panic mode.

    While there are other things that are annoying me right now like my constant struggle to lose weight, my co-workers, and nagging family, the above definitely takes the cake.

    Thanks for letting me vent! 


  2. Bitter Betsy

    WOOHOO! You have no idea how much I need this. Everyone I want to complain about reads my blog.

    Where to start? My mom is driving me insane!!! When I had my root canal she graciously changed her work schedule so she could watch the kiddos so hubby could go with me so I could take the Valium & not have to worry about driving (or anything else because the Valium worked very well.) This weekend I asked her if she would be willing to come down again to watch 1 or 2 of the kids so hubby, Oldest, & I could attend the funeral of our friend’s little girl. I’m helping with funeral meal prep & a couple other things for the family so it’s an overnight & really important for me to be there. She was all “sure, just let me know the day” & then when I did let her know the day, she was “I’ll have to check my schedule.” Turns out, she told my sister that she didn’t want to come because she doesn’t like driving by herself. It’s 3 HOURS!!!! What is she, 85??? Now I have to take Toddler & she won’t be pleasant.

    On to my SIL. She is awful. I wrote a post a while ago (nicely & without naming names) calling hubby’s family, my sister, & a couple of friends out for their lack of effort on visiting. She & hubby went back & forth for a few days on email of course, because phone call would be too personal, about how she does try (2 visits in almost 11 yrs=trying) & we moved away so we must be punished, blah, blah, blah. She completely ignored hubby’s birthday, refused to talk to him on the anniversary of their mother’s death, & has been generally awful, aka, her usual self. GET OVER YOURSELF!!! It’s a mobile society – people move all the time! And sometimes opportunities are better in other places!! Neither of us have ever regretted moving away & had we stayed in the area she still would have found some reason to hate her brother.

    I hate my new house & city. My kitchen is too small, any noise is funneled right up the stairs into my bedroom, the windows SUCK, the garage is too small, & there are more spiders in this house than my old house & that house had a lot. I hate that it takes me an hour to do anything. There is no such thing as a quick errand. Oldest’s teacher is kind of cranky & isn’t taking too kindly to his absent streak. It’s so hard to meet people. And my hubby was convinced this move would give us more opportunities to do things we enjoy as a family like biking, hiking, camping. HA! Hubby might have to peel himself away from the office if that were to happen. I’ll bike & hike with the kids by myself but there’s no way I’m camping alone with them. Just once, I’d like the family to come first. I’m sick to death of work calls during supper (when he makes it home for supper). I’m sick of bugging him to find a date for our vacation. I’m tired of competing with the blasted job he desperately wanted (& isn’t really enjoying at the moment) that took me away from my perfectly wonderful life.

    I’m off to have a good cry & a nap. Thanks for the space to vent!


  3. What a great idea! Are you going to do this once a month?

    Okay, my vent won’t be very long (I have carpets to scrub)but here it is:
    I am REALLY tired of my ex and my husband’s ex getting away with all of their lies. People keep telling me that what goes around comes around, but @#$%! Why doesn’t it come around sooner????

    I’m done. Told you, it was going to be short.

    BTW, I hope YOUR day on Monday was awesome!


  4. anonamama

    Mine is less a rant and more of a sob story(a short one).

    The reality of all that we have lost in the last year is generally ok, but today it caught up with me again.
    I feel powerless and very, very sad.

    grief is a very strange thing, the waves of it, the ebb and flow of it. The reality of it.
    So I am trying to keep moving through my grief, (like spring cleaning my daughter’s room) but it it not easy.


  5. I am choosing to hold my vent this time. Maybe I will be able to devote more brain cells later. Right now, I’m packing. A thought, though: Tantrum Tuesday.


  6. Rr

    Oh, someone forwarded this to me, and wow, I would love to go to town. But! I will hold back:

    1) Everyone I know is pregnant or adopting (imminently), knows someone who is pregnant, or talks about their pregnant friends with me constantly. CON.STANT.LY. Or talks about their babies kicking in their tummy. People, I lost a baby 12 weeks ago, I was 14 weeks along, and I am maybe one of those slow healers or something, and I do. not. want. to. hear. about. those. babies. I will love them when they come out. I will even send them/you a GIFT. But I do NOT want to talk about big round bellies, the annoyingness of those bellies, or anything to do with the cooking of babies. I would give anything for that belly, ok?

    2) I had to work my butt off in the two classes I was taking this semester to make up for my terrible performance in the aftermath of that pregnancy loss, and I am not a natural in science classes, and I found out that I was 0.2% away from a reasonable grade in physics. And I HATE physics. I worked SO HARD!!! to get a B ??!? in physics. And don’t get me wrong – a B is fine – except if it’s 0.2% away from a B+. Grrr.

    3) I have to spend time in a Bible study this week that I am really, really, really, dreading, and my husband does not seem to understand why I am so dreading it, and grrr…I am just very frustrated.

    That’s all. And thank you, Elaine. Maybe next time I’ll start complaining about everyone else that I am holding back about!!


  7. Rr

    Oh, and ha ha…I didn’t make mine anonymous. I probably should have, huh? Whoops! Sorry.

    I’m very glad I didn’t go too crazy on the comment, then!


  8. I made it anonymous for you! Another good reason for me to moderate the comments on this one — just in case anyone forgets and regrets 😉


  9. I feel awful even complaining…we are on vacation, but I have had it.

    I try to figure what everyone wants to do, get a plan together so we aren’t walking all over and back again and do not miss show-times or special events, I am flexible to any changes that need to (or just are) made, BUT whenever anything goes wrong it is my fault and the family gets cranky at me. I know they have no clue that while standing in this line for 30 min. is annoying it is the only way to accomplish this person’s wish to ride this ride twice, that person’s wish to go to this show, and the other two’s want to go back and swim later. If one more little girl cranks at me today, my crankiness is going to start showing. Why am I always the one who has to grin and keep going when I feel like telling them all to do it all without me.

    And while we are on crankiness….why is it that children whine to their mothers? Don’t they know their father standing right beside me is also a parent, go whine to him. AND, since said father is standing right there beside me why doesn’t he deal with it on occasion without being asked to?


  10. Anonymous

    Ok, I love this idea. I have too been feeling quite overwhelmed of most everything lately. I do have 2 main beefs lately. First one being why do psychologist not take insurance???? We are trying to get a behavioral psy for my son. I guess they figure that everyone is wealthy and can pay their $100-$150/hour rate. And in our case they recommend two times per week. I really don’t want to continue the hour long meltdowns at night but until I win the lottery I will have to suck it up. Secondly, why can’t people just do their jobs???? At work I deal with different agencies providing services to the same clientele. One of these said agencies basically called me a liar to 2 clients. I have been trying to iron problems out unsuccessfully for two weeks. Fortunately, the clients know me well and don’t believe this agency.


  11. Kak

    Hmmm…I already whined about this on my blog, but I am so over the identity theft I just experienced. I filled out the police report and claim report today, just more time out of my day that doesn’t have enough hours to begin with. I feel so violated and, even if the police say they can’t prove it, I know it was the frappy UPS sales guy who was texting during my entire purchase.

    My other whine I really can’t put on my blog- what the perfect place! I am so done with parents of students with special needs thinking their child must do everything the gen ed students do. Don’t get me wrong- I am the biggest advocate for my students with special needs. But there is such a thing as pushing too far. Like making your child with severe autism participate in graduation ceremonies. Your child who freaks out in crowds, freaks out even more with loud noises and hates waiting. Go ahead and put her in the middle of a class of 540 students and see what happens. Oh wait, you weren’t there today at graduation rehearsal, I was. I got to watch your child go into complete freak out mode, screaming and rocking just so you can watch her walk across the stage.

    Get the gown, take lots of pictures of your daughter in the gown. Take your child’s teacher up on the idea (and a good idea if I do say so myself) of having a private ceremony with the principal and other important peeps. I will even take pictures and video it. That’s okay, I will stand by your daughter no matter what. I don’t mind dealing with her yelling or screaming but please excuse my tears, they are not because I am embarassed. The tears will be shed because I will feel awful for your child who is totally stressed out for 2 hours on a Saturday making herself and all of the other students (who should be happy)miserable . Okay, I feel better. Thanks


  12. How does he sleep through the crying at night?! It’s SO annoying! I can hear her from a dead sleep WITH earplugs (delightfully, because he snores to wake the dead), and he can sleep through a friggin’ tornado. Sure, he says I can wake him up and he’ll deal with it, but waking him up is a production unto itself.


  13. B

    Wedding invites…one couple getting married this summer is having 2 separate weddings/receptions two weekends in a row representing both of their cultural traditions. The second weekend the ceremony is a 2 hour drive from the reception because of some connection that let them save money on the hall.

    Oh, but NO CHILDREN are invited, to anything. Apparently it is reasonable for me to leave my sweet boy at around 11 am and not see him again until after the dinner/reception which starts at 6pm…So yes, I guess they save money but the rest of us pay for babysitters and gas to drive all over the big bad city (if I even bother going which frankly is debatable at best).

    I predict the wee guy will be infected with something terrible that takes 10 days to get rid of.


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