I Almost Twittered Today

Today I almost Twittered Twitted Tweetered Tweeted.

Really, being attacked by a falling flying bunt pan seemed like the kind of thing to twit tweet about.  I mean, the whole episode was too short for it’s own blog post after all.  Yet I didn’t.


I have a Twitter account.  I set it up a few months ago when I had this grand idea of renaming my blog and moving it to a different URL, and then having a corresponding Twitter account and putting one of those “follow me” widget thingies on it for those who just must know whenever I am attacked by a falling flying bunt pan.  But?  When I moved everything over to the new blog, none of the photos went along.  Stubborn, homebody photos.  And I just can’t find the time to move them all, one by one, the old fashioned copy and paste way.  How painful!

So I never put the widget thingy on my blog, and I never twitterpated tweeted.

Yet?  People started following me on Twitter anyway.  I am assuming they found me through my email address?  Because my Twitter name doesn’t involve my name or this blog name.

At any rate, I don’t really care how they found it, because?  I have six people following me even though I’ve typed exactly zero words on Twitter.  Ever.  It’s kind of flattering.  So a big shout out to my six followers who, I can safely say, do not feel the least bit burdened by keeping up with my twitches tweets.  You rock!

Which brings me to why I didn’t twaddle tweet today.  I’m wondering just how many people I can get to follow me on my Twitter journey of twyping absolutely nothing?  I think my goal is 100.  Maybe then I’ll start twisting tweeting.

The thing about Twitter is this:  it will take more time, and I already spend too much time on the computer.  Kinda like FaceBook.  I’m on there, but I think I’ve posted twice.  So I’m pretty much a lurker, stalking anyone who wants to friend me but not actually giving much back (but is it really giving back if you throw a pie at someone? ).  (And what the heck is poking?  For the love of God, please don’t poke me.  I bruise easily).  (And mafia wars?  Because the real world isn’t scary enough????)

I’m just afraid of getting sucked into something else, neglecting my children, my bees, and my garden, and then winding up stuck in a sub-par old folks home in 30 years because I didn’t take care of them, so why should they take care of me?  The kids that is.  Though the bees?  Honey bees are apparently seriously on the decline, so if I don’t keep my bees alive and kicking, the whole universe could collapse from lack of pollination.  It’s a lot of pressure, and it keeps me from twerping tweeting.

But if you want to follow someone on Twitter who won’t take up much of your time?  I’m so totally your person.  Because my word count is zero and not counting.

Before I go for the night, I must share something that was shared with me, via FaceBook, by a blogging buddy who knows me well.  But first, if you are not the least bit familiar with country music, you must listen to (at least part of) this to appreciate what comes next:


And here is what comes next:


Excuse me while I go snort Dr. Pepper out my nose in private.

8 thoughts on “I Almost Twittered Today

  1. That Cletus video is just hilarious! Personally I think you should start Tweeting – though your idea of trying to get 100 followers without tweeting a thing is hilarious too. I think I started following you cause someone else (Nicki maybe?) was when I started and was looking for folks I knew, and though you hadn’t done any posts I didn’t want to take the chance to miss anything. I’d love another avenue upon which you could continuously crack me up. So, Facebook, I didn’t know if “we” were “allowed” to friend you there – if you’d let bloggy friends in or if you were keeping your blog and fb universe separate (some people do – I have friends from all my worlds but never link to my blog on FB). Even if you have a couple of updates I think it’d be fun to follow you!


  2. Sunflower Seeds

    *snort* ;>)
    I think I’m one of your loyal followers. I’m not sure how I found you though…it may have been through email. I’m with Stacy…I think you should tweet. I could give you the code for the cute little blue heart tweety update thingy…just let me know! 🙂


  3. I made a Twitter account last year and I think I did maybe one or two tweets. I haven’t been on since and nearly a year later still get new people following my account that does nothing.

    So, what did you do to the bunt pan that made it attack you?


  4. Cletus take the reel!! I LOVE it! Definitely need ed that laugh-thanks 🙂

    I’m a half-hearted tweeter myself. Just not sure what to do with it most of the time. But, I follow some interesting folks….


  5. Christina

    Can’t get into the Twitter thing. Still not sure what I was thinking about facebook! Definitely have too many time sucks in my life, as is. But that bunt pan thing would have made a good tweet. Or? A good facebook update! 🙂


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