Woman on the Edge

We have almost completed the second full week of summer vacation around here, and I?  Am a woman on the edge.

What the frap?  Right?  We homeschool, so the kids are always here anyway. 

I don’t remember this happening in the past (maybe I should go back and read old blogs posts to see), but since school has ended my kids have become evil.  They are constantly fighting and bickering and yelling.  Heads are spinning and green stuff is being spewed.  The whole scene in downright unholy.  I mean, not all five of them are constantly doing all that all the time, but BECAUSE there are five of them, somebody or another is always yelling, screeching, screaming, crying, arguing, blaming, etc.

For the love of Pete.  Whoever he is.

Yesterday I thought, “Tomorrow I shall pack them all up and take them to the zoo!”  But today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and it’s raining.

So then I thought, “I shall pack them all up and drive 45 minutes to Barnes and Noble!  They love book stores!”  But McH has finally called around to a few septic service companies to get quotes on having some work done (remember a while back when I told you about the one really nice patch of grass out in our field which was/is swampy and probably housing an alligator or two?  Yeah, well . . .).

So I’m stuck at home waiting for . . . umm . . . what is their proper title/job description, anyway?  I used to work with a woman who called them sh!t suckers, but I don’t think I want to use that one.  Anyway, I’m waiting for a septic guy to show up.  One already came, so, you know, yay.   He said it was probably going to cost us about $1,000, maybe more depending on what they find after they dig up a bunch of the field.  Just what we all want to hear during these difficult economic times. 

It’s a good thing I try to keep politics off my blog, otherwise I might make some crack about how the government should socialize this business, too, and then Obama could appoint a Meadow Muffin Czar, because loads of crap is right up his alley.  But I’ll refrain.

Thank goodness for the savings account.

In the meantime?  What to do with the kids?  I’ve been letting them swim, even though the air temperature is unseasonably cold, so the water temperature is as well.  They don’t care, luckily.  But, as mentioned, today it is raining, and really rather chilly.  We seem to be living in one of those areas that isn’t going to get a summer this year.

Damned global warming.

Anyway, the Wii Fit has been played, way more tv than is healthy has been watched, the two oldest kids have already done all the reading necessary for the summer reading program, and we live roughly 47 light years away from anything interesting.  I don’t think I can take much more of this.

The funny thing is, our weekends are packed.  We have very few free weekends left this summer.  But the weekdays?  Nothing as far as the eye can see, except for bickering and yelling and little girly screeching (even if one is not necessarily a girl).

I’m thinking of ordering some curriculum and doing school over the summer.

So, how do you keep your kids from killing each other over the summer?  Hmmm???

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is hiding in the pond, with the big @$$ snapping turtle we found last night.  Crap, Tewt the Newt may be getting eaten.

6 thoughts on “Woman on the Edge

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    I hear ya…but I have absolutely NO ideas on how to keep from losing your mind. For Heaven’s sake, I’m slowly losing mine. The kids are driving me NUTS! I declared martial law today – no one is leaving their rooms. Thankfully the boys have seperate rooms now so it makes it a little easier to manage. I’m beyond tired of the bad attitudes, the snarky comments and the constant fighting. Its martial law until they change their ways!


  2. I laughed to myself a few sentences in thinking “hmmm, year-round homeschool perhaps?” We’ve been struggling here too with lousy weather (rain, gloom and 50 degrees) and it about killed me. And I only have one of them, not five bickering with one another. I am struggling to fill the time though, no matter the weather. I’ll have to check back for ideas – we need them too!


  3. I feel your pain. personally. This year has been rough for us too.

    I’m going to spend some actual time thinking this through this weekend. I have a few ideas. Namely we have the good ole summer reading program. And I want to try to arrange some fun activities every week for them to look forward to. Tomorrow we are making cupcake cones. Next week we are going to do some experiments in the pool with newspaper boats. There is an online craft blog that is doing summer camp posts with craft activities tied into kids books. Good for the littles. So I hope by this weekend that I’ll have a good list of things to do to pass the time away.

    Whatever you come up with, post it to help those of us who are also in need of summer sanity!


  4. We, too, have been stuck with what the locals call “June gloom.” We just moved to a nice house with a pool, and we can’t use it because I am not immersing myself in the water when the air temperature hasn’t been above 60 in two weeks. We’ve been running around in jackets, and have actually turned the heat on in the evenings. And where do we live, oh that’s right, sunny Southern California. Or not. As far as activities, I haven’t had to come up with many yet, we’re still in school for another week and a half! So, I’m just hoping the weather warms up so we can use the pool before we start back to school in August! Good luck. I know it’s raining today, but are there any good natural areas close by you could visit on not-so-rainy days?


  5. I always come away from your blog with a smile…loads of crap…global warming…I love it 🙂

    I’m telling you, though, it must be something in the air. My girls are also fighting, actual physical fighting all of a sudden! It’s one thing for the twins who are just starting to know better, but the older two should be well past this biting and kicking crap. So what do I do, punish myself. Yep, I pulled the ol’ no TV or Computer for 3 days. What a dumb move. I thought I was having a hard time them before, now they have to actually play together without fighting. So I let them “work” their way to one tv show (chores, plus a little more without fighting) and then they are allowed on the computer to do their Latin. Latin will be my peace in the war of summer. They put on headphones, get to work, and are entertained and learning for an hour. They love it, I love it…it’s survival.

    Please post any decent tips you get as Latin only lasts so long and it is going to be a long summer if it keeps up like this!


  6. We haven’t hit the summer doldrums yet, mostly due to the constant driving to various mid-west states.

    A friend told me about letterboxing (www.letterboxing.org) which we’re going to try as soon as I get a stamp made. But it renewed my interest in Geocaching (www.geocaching.com) which we’re going to try today. I’m promoting it as a huge scavenger hunt & my boys are pretty excited.


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