That title could mean “Quick Update,” but it actually means “Quinn Update.”  I’d like to think I could do this quickly, but I know better.

And?  I know I’ve caught a couple people off guard with this lately, but?  His name isn’t really Quinn.  He’s just, you know, the 5th child, so Quinn seemed like a good blog name.

But that really isn’t very important.

What is important?  Is that we are seeing a gradual return of his mad(dening) expressive language skillz.  People you wouldn’t think it is such a big deal, but last week he started shaking his head yes in response to yes/no questions!  Woo hoooooooooo!!!!!!

You are going, “Meh,” while you sip your coffee and scratch your nose (except for you, over there, yes you, I saw you actually pick your nose.  You’re gross) but we are terribly, terribly excited by this new development.  It is a huge thing, a HUGE thing, to have the kid actually confirm his wants/needs to us.  HUGE!

Stop laughing at me.

Again, it is something we knew he could do, has been able to do for a looooooooooooooong time, but almost never did it.  When he would do it, he’d get that, “Oh crap!  Now they’re on to me!” look on his face.  But now?  Now?  When presented with a yes/no question he will nod yes or no, depending on his wants.  Mind you, he has been nodding no for a long, long, time; but not so much with the yes.

As if this weren’t exciting enough in and of itself, he also started signing “more” again.  This was something he did consistently for quite a while, but then stopped.  Just stopped.  And now?  He’s just started again.  Though yesterday he was hollering/grunting for more milk, and I asked him if he wanted more, and he nodded yes, and I told him to say  more with his hands (while doing it myself), and he shook his head no at me.

And this morning?  He stood in front of the refrigerator and said, “Cheeeeeeeeeze!”  So guess what he had for breakfast.

That’s right: grapes!  With his cheese!

Also?  The other day he was pointing to everybody’s noses (he points to body parts now, too!  Not all the time, but much more frequently!) and he said, “No!” (nose).  Again, this is a word he said last summer(ish) but we haven’t heard since.

This is big, people, big.

In other Quinn news, we took his crib down the other night.  It was a bit broken to begin with (somewhere back in 2007 there is a post about how McH did that), but Quinn broke it even more, to the point of being dangerous.  We don’t want to buy another toddler bed, since Tank Boy is to the point of needing a regular bed, but we don’t have a regular bed yet.  So for now Quinn’s mattress is on the floor (Official White Trash Mom, right here), and he’s actually sleeping on it.

The first night was a breeze.  When he woke up in the morning he didn’t even get off of it in the morning until I came to get him.  He napped on it yesterday the same way.  Woo hoo!

Then last night happened.  He suddenly realized his freedom.  The boy has never played with the Thomas Trains so much in his life.  At one point I went up there and there were so many toys on his “bed” that there was literally no room for him.  But still, he didn’t do too bad.

Anyway, we are terribly, terribly happy about the whole affirmative head nod thing and the other forms of expressive communication that seem to be coming along with it.  I’m still taking him to the ENT in a couple of weeks, and will probably take him for a hearing test after (I mean, I know the boy can hear, but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to check the actual hearing levels; but we’ll see what the ENT thinks).

Train Switching Tracks:

New swimsuit just came in the mail!

Wriggle, tug, grunt . . .

Bottoms look pretty good.  Would be better if I could drop five pounds.

Top?  What the frap is this top made of?  I don’t think it’s supposed to roll up in the back like that.  Would it have killed them to make it an inch or two longer?  Good grief, even when I suck in it makes my belly look droopy.  Droopy!!!!  I’ve tried on things that didn’t do such a good job of hiding the bulge, but this is the first droop I’ve seen.  I don’t look this droopy naked.  This is hideous.  GAHHHHH!

Swimsuit designers stay up at night devising ways to give us new complexes and insecurities, don’t they?     It’s because they are spawn of Satan.

Switching Tracks Again . . .

Has anyone ever tried the Your Baby Can Read system?  I’m thinking of getting it.  Any feedback on this?  I’m not really questioning the teaching your baby to read stuff.  My mom actually did a homemade version of this (lots of cards, no dvds) with my youngest sibling, and it did work.  I mean, I don’t think he was learning the phonics of reading, which is essential, but he was learning lots of words.  But I’m not considering it for reading purposes.

I’m wondering if it would help Quinn with his expressive language.  First, he loves, loves, loves to watch t.v.  Not that he’ll watch just anything, but he’ll watch a lot.  Especially if he has a fresh sippy cup of milk .  He just kicks back on the sofa like a drunk with a six pack and watches the tube.  And this system has videos.

Second, as I’ve said before, he can tell me the sounds of all the letters (well, most of them; I still haven’t heard i, j, or q) and that is from watching The Letter Factory.  So if he’ll tell me things he hears repetitively on t.v., maybe watching the dvds and doing the cards will encourage him to start saying some of the words?  I don’t know.  Just thinking out loud.

What do you think?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is alive and well.

11 thoughts on “Qupdate

  1. Sunflower Seeds

    Mine is named Quinn…but he’s not the fifth. I still love the name. 😉
    YAY! on the sudden explosion of expression. That’s awesome. I would encourage you to go ahead and get his hearing checked anyway. One thing I’ve learned with Maddie is that just because they ‘appear’ to hear everything, doesn’t mean they CAN. Maddie had everyone at the orphanage convinced she could hear everything but whispers, when what she really was doing was reading lips – and she was speaking Russian. The pronunciation was off, but she was saying the words…even though she has a pretty significant hearing loss. There may be nothing wrong with Quinn’s hearing, but since there is a speech concern, its best to get it checked out. If there IS a hearing problem it would be a shame to not find out until his kindergarten screening. Think of all the language nuiances he would have missed. Even a mild hearing loss is a HUGE deal for these little guys. All of the research I’ve seen shows that 70% of a child’s expressive language comes through non-direct interactions, which means just him being in the same room with you and overhearing your conversation with your husband. If he has a hearing problem and you and your husband are having that conversation outside of his ‘hearing bubble’ then he’s missing out on his opportunity to get hold of that 70%. Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now, but if you need a sounding board on what is going on with the audiologist, let me know. I’ve BTDT.
    Swimming suit designers are the spawn of the devil. I haven’t put a suit on in public in years. Enough said.


  2. Yeah Quinn! Glad to hear of the progress. Soon you will be telling him to be quiet. LOL. We work so hard to get them talking, and then once they do… Wow, they never stop.
    Hope to meet your family at the FTIA picnic.


  3. J

    YEah for Quinn… or whatever his name is!
    Boo for the swimsuit…
    Did you read the blog post I wrote just for you on Cute…Covered?


  4. So does that mean I am not the only moron out there?!?! I may be the biggest but please tell me I’m not the ONLY! ha.

    I was close friends with a woman whose son learned to speak through reading. He started around age 2 (prior to that he had maybe a 2-3 word vocab). It was incredible. He literally sounded out the first major words he learned. All of that to say yes, for certain minds (very scarily intelligent ones, I might add) I imagine that could really really help with language acquisition.


  5. metaphase

    WTG, Quinn! Binh is making huge strides now in his speech, though he still is eligible for “services”. I hate to say it, but I think the EI has helped. (much to DH’s hatred of all things gov. run-funny since he’s techincally part of the government since he’s in the military. I digress..) Anyway, if nothing else, I think it’s helped Binh get some total one on one speech time. What is the Letter Factory? I haven’t heard of that, but then I’m usually out of the loop!

    Oh the swimsuits. I ordered a one piece from the Land’s End close outs. I decided I’m having fun at the beach no matter what I look like, so others will have to get over it. For me, I don’t think it’s the suit that makes me look fat. It’s the FAT that makes me look fat! HAHA!!


  6. Christina

    Whoo Hoo on the Quinn communication!!

    Did you know you have a giant headline on your blog that says “I’m easy!” You are a brave brave (crazy?) blogger. 🙂


  7. Yay, I’m caught up! Good for Quinn! And I loved BOTH country videos.

    As far as the swim suit thing…I quit wearing them years ago. I stick with short shorts and a tank.


  8. That’s wonderful — I especially love that he used language to tell you that he WOULDN’T use language (saying “no” when you asked him to sign “more”)…that kid’s got a wicked sense of humor!


  9. Oh — Quinn! “Quint-!” I just got that…I knew (assumed) that Quinn was a pseudonym, but didn’t get the 5 connection. Oh, you clever lady.


  10. Colleen

    WOW!!!! Great News! I am so glad to hear it. Not about the droop, about the talking.

    Quinn… keep talking and maybe we can have you skype with your future wife one day. LOL



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