My Dorkiness Knows No Bounds

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this at all yet.  It’s another one of our seemingly endless stream of projects:  bees, garden, swing set, meadow . . .

I haven’t (I’m pretty sure) blogged about the meadow because I know some of you (hi family!) already think I am the biggest dork and will possibly leave comments accordingly.  But now?  I don’t care.  Because?


Yes, I had my terribly tolerant husband till up a large part of the back field so that I could plant a wildflower meadow.

And why does this make me a dork?

Because it is in the shape of a circle.  (But seriously, you’ve seen my husband, right?  Why wouldn’t I want to recreate the whole Twilight meadow thing?)

Actually, it’s two circles.  The first is a big ring, and the second is a smaller circle in the center of the big ring.  My hope is to get out there at some point with something toxic and kill all the residual wheat grass and weeds growing between the ring and the inner circle so that I can plant better, softer grass.

For mother’s day, in addition to other stuff, McH bought me willow and dogwood tress to plant around the outside of the outer ring so that, hopefully, in a few years, the meadow will be pretty secluded and hidden from view.


flower2  flowers3

It is definitely a work in progress, and there are many weeds in amongst the flowers.  The problem is that until something actually blooms, I can’t tell what is weed at what is not (with a few exceptions, like thistle and dandelion).  I would actually love to go out and weed it today (see?  big dork!  either that or I’m getting old), but I have much to do inside.

July starts tomorrow, and it is going to be a busy, busy month.  In no particular order, July brings:  vacation, agency picnic, family coming for a visit, friends coming for a visit,  more family coming for a visit, and other stuff I am undoubtedly forgetting.  Because of all this, I have been trying to get caught up on weeding the garden, doing the laundry and grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. etc.  We have set the kidlets to much cleaning and folding and other chores which make them roll their eyes and act as if they were The Most Abused Children On the Earth.

We had the garage sale, which was pretty much a bust (but what does one expect when one lives in the Middle of Nowhere?), so at least that is done and out of the way (though all of the leftover stuff is NOT out of the way, as it is still sitting on tables in our garage).

I still have to get the whole school situation figured out (tried to make an appointment with the principal, but she never called back and I haven’t followed up), and I feel like summer is just zipping by at breakneck speed.  I suppose that is because we have been so busy and have so much planned.  So if you don’t see me commenting on your blogs, it’s not because I’ve stopped reading, it’s just that I’m getting terribly, terribly behind in reading.  But I’ll catch up, eventually . . . after I weed my meadow.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

10 thoughts on “My Dorkiness Knows No Bounds

  1. Dianna

    I love your wildflower meadow! I’m going to come visit just so I can see it 🙂

    And all of our garage sale leftovers are still on tables in the garage too. I really need to deal with that soon!


  2. I think the meadow sounds pretty. The only place I can go for seclusion in my yard is the veggie garden, in the corn. And right now it isn’t just high enough to hide me yet.


  3. I think the meadow sounds pretty and peaceful! I still haven’t read any of the Twilight stuff, so I’m probably missing a key point there from the sounds of it. WANTING to weed the garden, well, maybe dorky. I really, really need to be out weeding my lawn, er, weed garden, but I will do pretty much anything to avoid that…


  4. If you’re a dork then I’m right there with you – I am JEALOUS of your meadow!

    Have you tried Ebay for your garage sale leftovers? I find I can sell my stuff for so much more there that I don’t even have garage sales anymore.


  5. Love the idea of a meadow. And tell your kids that they have some serious competition for the title of Most Abused Children. I have put mine to weeding the front flower bed. And last night, for FHE, we had races to have a “house of order.” Fun, huh!?


  6. metaphase

    You dork! Totally kidding. I actually think that sounds like it could be a beautiful, peaceful place. You can just see the potential in the area right now. How big is this meadow? I must say though, the thought of weeding doesn’t really grab me as “fun”, but then it could be because it’s 101 degrees here right now…


  7. Carissa

    Oh lord I LOVE it! SO great!

    And oh yeah I am so far behind I will be commenting on some old posts — fair warning! I am trying to catch up today so that I can be back to normal tomorrow!


  8. Gina

    Love the meadow idea–less grass to cut. We, too, are buried in household upkeep, so it’s easier for me to see the practical side of things right now. Of course, there is the weeding to be done…

    Our summer is flying by, too. My girls will start school on Aug. 12th which is almost a month earlier than we’d start if we were homeschooling this year. Is it just my state that has hacked the last month of summer off or is it like this everywhere? Already I’m longing for the days when summer wasn’t over until after Labor Day.


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