Mormon Monday: I Am A Builder

In Primary this year, we are teaching the kids a song (well lots of songs, actually, but right now I’m focusing on one) that starts out:

I am a builder working each day to build our family

As a primary presidency, we have challenged all the kids to sit down with their parents and figure out some goals they can set to help build their families.  I thought I did a pretty good job of explaining to the kids what that means:  set goals of things you can do to help make your family a happier family, a stronger, more united family.  But you just never know what kids are actually conveying to the parents.

A few weeks ago, after I again reminded the kids to talk to their parents and set a goal, one of the moms came to me after church was over.

“What’s this my son is telling me?  He said you told him we have to build our family.  Don’t I get  break??  I just had a baby!”

*Sigh* (at least she was in good humor about it)

Aside from Christ’s atonement and resurrection, the family has always been the main emphasis of our religion.  We do not believe that God intended marriage and family to be, “’Till death do we part.”  No, we believe these relationships are meant to be eternal, and this has been the emphasis and theme of primary church wide this year.

So we’ve been working a bit on building our own family and trying to make sure we are a family of people who actually want to be together forever and ever and ever.  When I asked my kids what goals they might want to set for themselves to help make our family better, I was rather impressed with their answers.  I’m not sure if I should blog about them, since the goals are theirs, but I was really impressed.

I’ve also been slowly working my way through The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families and trying to set goals with everyone based on the principals in that book.  It is a really good book; one that I’ve started reading many, many, many times but never finished.  I don’t ever finish it because I generally wind up getting bogged down in trying to fix everything at once and then I feel overwhelmed.  This time I’m going to keep reading (sporadic though it has been) and not worry about perfecting everything, just working on making it better.

The other family goal we set (and I fully admit I pretty much pushed everyone into this one) was to come up with a family crest/coat of arms.  Even though I am the only one who currently sees any real value to this, I would not develop it on my own.  We had several family dinners during which we discussed the crest, what elements and symbols we wanted on it, what they mean to us and why we want them there, the color of the shield, etc. etc. etc.   I would have been happy to do this all on my own, but then it would have been full of stuff that is meaningful to me, and I want it to be meaningful to everyone in the family.  Everyone contributed and made concessions, so I hope it does grow to be meaningful to each of my kids and serve as a reminder of who we are and who we want to be.  We found someone to put all our ideas together design it for us, and now, someday, I hope to have t-shirts made and some kind of wall hanging made, and maybe even some jewelry for 18th birthdays or something.

Anybody know of any good custom tapestry places?

So, this is our family:


What is your family?  What is your purpose?  What are your goals as a family and for your family?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

2 thoughts on “Mormon Monday: I Am A Builder

  1. I like your crest! Ours would probably have a can of beer on it…not because we drink beer, but because that’s how we explain our name. “Pabst…(and then when they look at us funny)…like the beer.” And, Levi adores that song, goes around singing it at random times, like in the store. I like the goals idea, though, I may steal that for FHE some night!


  2. I love your crest. I love the idea of that. I have the same problem with books like 7 Habits… I feel like I’m going to need to turn our world upside down and fix EVERYthing and I get overwhelmed…

    My un-diagnosed OCD rears its ugly head yet again.


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