New Carpet Day (Again)

I am going to lose my internet soon because the router will have to be unplugged when the carpet guys get here.  But first?

I took some pictures of the carpet that is being ripped out and replaced.

Here is a side-by-side photo comparison of carpet under furniture that was never walked on or vacuumed (on the left) vs. carpet that received normal daily wear (on the right):

nice carpet

crap carpet


more nice carpet

more crap carpet


Really, the pictures don’t do the awfulness of this carpet justice. 

But now, today, it is being replaced.  With more Mohawk carpet.  Because that is the best replacement deal we could get.  The lovely people at Mohawk had the audacity to blame us for their crap carpet falling apart within two months (they call all that unwinding and shedding of the carpet “blossoming”) and then, when they finally agree to have it replaced, will only do so with more of their crap carpet.  It is a different kind of their crap carpet, mind you, an even more expensive kind (and L0we’s is eating the difference on our behalf) but crap Mohawk nonetheless.  The flooring manager lady at L0we’s kept telling us the new stuff we’re getting is really, really, really nice carpet.  Of course, that is what she said about the other stuff that is being ripped out today.

We shall see.

One thought on “New Carpet Day (Again)

  1. Christina

    Yi, I can’t believe that carpet! Hope the new stuff is 1000% better. (I know, not mathmatically possible or whatever, but 100% didn’t seem like enough.)


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