Weekend In a Nutshell (Like You Care)

As you have probably gathered from my last post, we started off the weekend by going to the new Harry Potter flick.  With much anticipation we got a babysitter, left the three youngest, and packed the two oldest into the Suburban for dinner and The Movie night.

The Movie was A Bomb (as opposed to The Bomb).  It made Twilight look like a cinematic masterpiece.  There just aren’t words to describe the suckitude, though A~ summed it up quite nicely when, on the drive home, she said,

I didn’t even cry when Dumbledore died, though I did tear up a bit when the movie ended because it was just so awful.

I will undoubtedly buy a copy of the movie when it comes out on DVD just because I don’t want to have an incomplete set, but I doubt I’ll ever actually watch it.  Which leads me, of course, to some pretty strong feelings about what they had better not leave out of the final movie, but I’ll save that for sometime in 2011 when movie 8 is actually coming out.


Moving on . . .

The next day was our 13th anniversary.  Thirteen years!!!!!  I’m getting old.  But at least I’ve got a great husband by my side while I wither.

To celebrate, we packed the whole family into the Suburban and drove three hours for our agency’s reunion picnic.  It was nice to meet some of the other Vietnam APs from our agency, and especially nice to meet the littles (some of whom were in the orphanage with Quinn).  Quinn really could have cared less about meeting up with some of his former posse, but I think it was good for Tank Boy to be surrounded by gobs and gobs of Asian kids.

And the park?  Was awesome!  Free carousel rides all day, free putt-putt golfing all day, tons of fun playground equipment, new kids to meet, and lots of food.  Tank Boy climbed all the way up this rather large climbing wall.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that he could do it so easily, but for some reason I was.  And?  I didn’t get a picture of him at the top.  Yeah, I suck as a mom.

Though it all left no room for some kind of romantic night out, watching our kids run around, make new friends, and have a blast was a really great way to spend our anniversary.  We’ve talked before about making our anniversary a family holiday, since it is, after all, the anniversary of the beginning of our family (as in the two of us together were the start of a new family, NOT that I gave birth on our wedding day, or got pregnant on our wedding night, or anything over-sharey like that).  The idea is that we would do super fun family stuff and make it all holidayish and Christmas-like (without presents) during the day, and then in the evening the two of us would go out without the munchkins.  This year was the closest we’ve come to actually doing that.

Maybe next year . . .

Except I think our anniversary will fall on a Sunday next year . . .

Then yesterday I was supposed to drive back down home for a friend’s surprise birthday party.  On top of that, my mother decided to have a big family dinner for everyone so that we could all meet my brother’s in-laws.  By the time church was over (three hours of church, people!) I was spent.  I just couldn’t make myself drive a couple of hours so that I could hang out for a couple of hours, splitting my time between two large crowds, before driving back a couple of hours.  Just too much, you know?  So I would up taking a much needed nap instead.  Do you know how often that happens?  Almost never.

So that, in a nutshell, was my very busy, though undoubtedly boring to read about, weekend (kind of like the 6th Harry Potter – the book was exciting, but the movie was terribly, terribly boring to watch).  I went through my pictures from the agency picnic last night, and they all pretty much suck.  Bad.  Quite disappointing, but true.  So I’m not sharing any photos, password protected or otherwise.

Hmm . . . wait . . . I seem to remember one half way decent photo.  Maybe I’ll share that one in a protected post.

And maybe one of these days I’ll string together some words in a more interesting, entertaining manner.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt sees you yawning.

6 thoughts on “Weekend In a Nutshell (Like You Care)

  1. Ummm…did that agency picnic happen to be in a neighboring state? Because I was so going to crash that picnic (it’s 15 minutes from my house), but I thought I was going to be out of town. But I wasn’t, and I didn’t, and I will be mad if you were there. I totally forgot about the picnic until I saw a friends post about it. Frap.


  2. Hmm . . . seeming to remember that you live in the state where the agency had said picnic. Had not even thought about that before we went! Shame, shame, shame on me. Please do crash it next year!


  3. Tara

    Hi Elaine! I got a sweet picture of Quinn taking a nap. If you send me your e-mail address I ‘ll send it to you. Also, I am trying to get some posted to our adoption group, try is the key word. I am so computer illiterate! It was soo nice to meet you guys! You have such a sweet family! I hope we get to meet again one of these days!


  4. Christina

    That picnic sounds like a lot of fun. And I totally would have picked the nap too. But it is not because we are old. It’s because we have kids and know the value of a good nap!! 🙂

    Sorry HP was lame. What is it with books to movies this year? So sad.


  5. I think your idea of making your anniversary a family holiday is a great one! It is true, it was the beginning of your family. It might have to be a topic on my blog some day. Congrats on making it to #13. That’s how long my first marriage lasted…I won’t go in to what a blankety blank blank he was. 😉

    As for books to movies…I don’t think I’ve ever liked a movie that was a book first. I’m too harsh a critic.


  6. Love the anniversary-family day – and what a great idea to make it an ongoing thing! I love reading your recaps even if I’m completely lacking in creativity in my comments. And that stinks about the HP movie – though it does seem to always, always be hard to do justice in a movie coming from a great book. Love your daughter’s quote – was thinking about her, and you, this past week as I was enjoying the ongoing sleep battles here. Reminding myself that a) she’s an awesome young lady from what I can tell and b) you survived – and even went on to actually have more kids! So it’s fitting to have you pass along such a funny little quip from her.


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