In Which I Make You Yawn . . . Again

The weekend is over.  And?  The weather was fantastic!

(Before I proceed, I must thank you all for your ideas and suggestions in case the weather hadn’t cooperated and we’d had to entertain eleven kids in the house (because it seems to be a natural law that children can’t entertain themselves in the house for very long) ).

I mean, it was cloudy off and on, and it was too cold for me to want to swim.  But the kids?  We could have ice chunks in the pond and they’d swim.  Goodness knows they swim with rocks in their suits, so why should ice bother them?  Seriously.  The shallow area of the pond has a gravel bottom, and the kids never go out and swim without getting gravel in their suits.  The funny part is that half the time they don’t realize it until they take their swim stuff off and the little rocks come plinking out onto the floor.  Even with all the fat padding and encasing the nerve endings on my butt, I think I’d notice gravel down there, you know? 

But it was all good.  Eleven kids spent the weekend swimming and playing outside, and six adults hung out on our teeny deck, chatting and making sure no one drowned.  It was really, really nice.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I just hung out on my deck all day.  For two days.

And I must say, McH’s family has this really special way of cleaning up after a meal.  They just kind of descend on the kitchen like a plague of locusts (and I mean that in the best way possible) (no, really, you can mean that in a good way, and I do), and before you know it everything is done.   Just.  done.  The mess is gone.  Seriously.  In like five minutes or less everything is put away, wiped down, scrubbed off, tossed out, done.

My family is totally different.  We’re more of the, “I want to help clean up, but I don’t know where you want me to put it, and heavenforbid I put it in the wrong place, so I’ll just leave it for you” kind of people.  Seriously.  And it’s not just a cop-out so that we don’t have to clean (at least not for me).  I really do worry about making somebody mad by putting everything in the wrong place.  Yeah, I know.  Analyze that.

McH’s family?  Could care less.  And you know what?  I currently have things in cupboards where I wouldn’t normally put them and it doesn’t bother me.  If you are going to voluntarily clean my kitchen in five minutes flat, you can stash the leftover hot dog buns under the bathroom sink for all I care.  I’ll find them eventually and move them when I want to.  Umm, nobody did stash food in the bathroom, just in case you were wondering.

In other, unrelated news, I got an email from the middle school principal that seems to indicate getting A~ into seventh grade rather than sixth isn’t going to be much of a battle, and the whole issue may skip the “committee” after all.  Maybe I’m reading too much into, “It sounds like your girls will be ready for 5th and 7th grades this fall,” but so be it.  Any glimmer of hope that helps me go in there ready to be friendly and human rather than do battle is something I’m going hold tight to.  (I still need to write about all this school stuff and why I’m even trying to get my kids into brick and mortar government schools.  One of these days).

Apparently the principal was at the last school board meeting and had an opportunity to talk to the board member who just happens to be my next-door-neighbor who sold us this house and is now the girls’ piano teacher.  This would be the same neighbor who earlier in the year said, “If you send them to school in the fall they will probably be the smartest kids in their class.”

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t care if they’re the smartest kids in their class or not.  I’m just saying it’s helpful to have a school board member on your side and talking to the principal.

So I’m going in to meet with said principal Aug. 4.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

In other completely unrelated news, I finally have dental appointments for the four oldest children.  Yeah, it’s only taken me over a year to bite the bullet and pick a dentist.  In my defense, I’ve had the same dentist since I was like ten or eleven.  McH has gone to him since we got married.  I have taken all of my kids to him.  My parents go to him.  My sister and all her family go to him.  He is just a great dentist, and kind man, and he went back and certified in cosmetic dentistry when cosmetic dentistry was just coming into existence, which is helpful when half of your husband’s front tooth falls off about every seven years.

Which brings me to my husband.  I think I shall password protect what is going on there, because you never know what random crazy is reading your blog.  Though my stats would seem to indicate that very few people, relatively speaking, are reading my blog as of late.  I flatter myself that people are just spending more time out of doors, enjoying this rather (for much of the country) temperate summer.  And then I snort with laughter and shed a tear.

Anyway, so it was hard for me to think of going to a different dentist, but driving two hours and having to pay out of pocket kind of make keeping my dentist impractical.  So now I’ll just drive about one hour and be covered by insurance.   That’s Aug. 3


Now I shall write another post and password protect it (for those of you who aren’t bored to tears by this much drivel and must. know. more).  Maybe next week I’ll do a long overdue Mormon Monday.  But this Thursday?  How a bout we make this Thursday Thankful Thursday?  Remember a month or so ago I did the post wherein you could leave comments complaining, venting, and otherwise ranting about whatever you wanted?  Anonymously?  Let’s do the same thing this week, only make it things for which we are deeply thankful.  I’ll still let you comment anonymously if you want on that one.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt would like to lose five pounds this week.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Make You Yawn . . . Again

  1. I love it when guests clean up after themselves! I’ve tried to instill that in my kids. Whether or not they actually do it when they are out of my sight visiting others remains to be seen.

    I don’t think I have a password for your password protected stuff, may I get it?


  2. Christina

    Hooray for good-enough weather! And for guests who help with the clean up! That is HUGE.

    Finding a good dentist is a big pain. I’m actually putting off finding an orthodontist right now. It’s just so hard to make an appointment, knowing it’s going to cost big $$$ and take lots of my time, and my kids will whine the whole time. Crooked teeth won’t kill them, right?


  3. I wouldn’t care where my hot dog buns were either if someone else would clean my kitchen. My family kind of does the “I’m going to make it look like I’m helping, even though I’m really not” thing, which I think annoys me more than not doing anything. Really? You want a Bozo Button because you put the ketchup back in the fridge? Or stacked the plates by the sink, meaning now I have to rinse the top of the plate AND the bottom? Thanks for that.

    And as for sitting on the deck while the kids swim? It’s my We don’t have a pond, but luckily mine are all still young enough to be entertained by the sprinkler and the baby pool.


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