Second Post, Same as the First (Sort of)

So I remembered something else I meant to tell you this afternoon — how I’m doing battle with fruit flies and house flies.  One of the great perks of living in the country, those flies.  Those flies who just know, just know each and every one of the seventy-two thousand times my children will stand with a door open saying, “Mo-om!  Can I have a snack?” that this is their big opportunity to break into the world of fresh people food and a temperature controlled environment.  And zing!  In they fly.

But never fear!  I wield my canister vac hose like the sword of doom, and suck all those nasty creatures into the pit of insect despair!  Then I wipe all their nasty fly doody off my kitchen light fixtures.  Yes, it’s not bad enough that I spend my days wiping little people butts, I also clean up insect poop.

Good lord I’m pathetic.

But do you know what is even worse than me having to clean up fly feces?  And I mean waaaaaaayyyyyyy worse?

There are 23 families who received referrals from the Bac Lieu province in Vietnam before the Sept. 1 shutdown (almost an entire year ago now people) (the shutdown, that is – some of the referrals have been out there for way more than a year) and they still haven’t been able to bring their children home.  I don’t pretend to know everything about this situation, but I do know some of these families.  I used to live in the same town as one of these families.

These families don’t know when, if ever, they are going to be able to bring these children home.  In the meantime, they are working together with their agency to try to help the kiddos they so desperately want to parent.  They are organizing volunteers to go over and play with the children, many of whom are turning two, and feed the children something other than rice porridge, and provide toys for the children (something they currently do not have).

I know I plugged Mothers in Action for Vietnam earlier today, and I’m certainly not sorry I did.  But I also want to plug To Bac Lieu With Love.  Maybe you have been looking for a reason to go back to Vietnam?  Maybe you could donate financially?

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “But I just donated to Friends of Hue!”  Well, good for you!  Really!  Now next month (or however your budget works) you can consider donating to the Bac Lieu effort.

Honestly, I know it – we all know it – there are just so many, many things we could be supporting.  So many good, worthy, important causes and efforts.  There is no way we can help them all.  Totally understandable.

But I still hope you click over to To Bac Lieu With Love and consider helping them.  Even if it’s only $5.00.  Every little bit helps, right?

And I promise I will kill a fly for every donation you make.  I know it’s not a great offer like those funkadyllic MAV chicks have going on, but people?  I am not crafty.  However, I do have my sword of doom.  So you make a donation, let me know, and I will kill a fly in your honor. 

2 thoughts on “Second Post, Same as the First (Sort of)

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!

    Thanks for the link. We were originally with that agency, and I just think how we could have ended up being one of those families. Here we are, two adoptions later, and those poor families and children are still waiting. I feel a little guilty.


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