Thankful Thursday

Yes, yes, I know.  It is almost Friday already.


But technically it is still Thursday, so I’m throwing up the Thankful Thursday post like I said I would. 

Leave a comment and let the world know what you are most thankful for!  I’ll even give you the option of commenting anonymously (you know, you may  be thankful that your husband’s great aunt Gertrude died because she was crotchety and she left you a windfall sum in her will, but you don’t want others to think you are insensitive or whatever).

Today I am thankful that I had the opportunity to talk with our Little Town librarian.  She has put my mind greatly at ease.  All those school supplies I have been buying?  Even the dry erase markers?  Are not intended for some communal classroom supply bin/closet.


Because I’d already told my kids that the only thing they are allowed to hand over is the Kleenex, and they should tell their teachers I said so and then hand them one of my cards and ask them to call me to discuss the matter further. 

Looks like they get to skip that bit of first-day-of-school awkwardness.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is thankful that his pond air barely smells like skunk today.

9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so very thankful that July is over and my husband and I have a date tomorrow night.

    This month was consumed with play practices, the selling of the family business, my mother-in-law selling her house, and minor melt-downs on behalf of myself, my mother, and the before mentioned mother-in-law. The sale of the business happened, but the transfer has been anything but smooth. I went from working the occasional day here or there waitressing (tips) to working four days a week with no tips. Plus, sales are down and customer angst is up. All this with no “new owners” or “grand opening” type celebrations or advertisements so if you don’t live in our small town (because we all know how small towns tell all) and you go to eat at your favorite spot you are shocked at the lack of quality. Musical rehersals were Mon-Thurs evenings for two weeks and then all week on show week. There was a family reunion in there with the folks who joke about our poor Asian investment…I’m whinning, where was I…oh yes, date, husband, and end of July!

    We did see each other on the way to and from church two weeks ago. To say my husband is feeling neglected would be an understatement. Not that I haven’t still been cooking all this while, just not eating with them or putting the kids to bed, etc. We need a date something awful, and I really need July to be over. Tomorrow night its sushi and Harry Potter for us, hooray for July 31!

    I feel bad posting this, it’s complaining, but I really am thankful to be heading out of town tomorrow with the man I love and am looking forward to August simply knowing that I survived July. So very thankful.


  2. Yes, at A.J.’s school, the kids do use the dry erase markers. They have little boards (not so different from the old chalk and slate system used by Laura Ingalls and friends!) that they do lots of little practice problems on. And, I am thankful for a great brother and a husband that can deal with the rest of my family in a calmer way than I can. Whew.


  3. I am thankful for my Been There Done That friend. This summer has been huge for adoption issues & my BTDT friend never judges, has given great advice & been a huge cheerleader for me. I’m thankful for all my friends, but today, Jen in particular.


  4. bunnysmom

    I’m really thankful that the other day when I called my sister she really listned to me. I am thankful that she did not judge me and had some really wonderful feedback. Sometimes my load is heavy and it’s nice to have someone to lean on.


  5. I am thankful for a lot of generous people, and for my boys (including the husby), and for So You Think You Can Dance… and Top Chef… and 30 Rock… and Bones…

    okay, I think I should have done this anonymously….


  6. I’m thankful that Lucy’s first trip since we got home is over and went amazingly well, so now we know we don’t have to be afraid to travel with her (well, her plane companions might not agree that it went so well, but to us, it was a miracle). Now we’re planning some visits to S. Cal to see family in the coming months.


  7. metaphase

    Ok, so I’m a bit late..I’m thankful my daugther has not been wandering into our room at 2:00am (on the dot nearly, I might add) like she had been doing for about 10 days straight. I have no idea what made her do this lately, but I’m just so happy she has stayed in her bed all week! Oh, sweet sleep..


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