What Would You Do?

How many times have I posted this week?  You all are going to start sending me hate e-mail if I don’t stop soon.

Anyway, I have my 20-year high school class reunion coming up soon and I’m in a quandary.

What to wear???????

I’ve been having this discussion on FaceBook  with some high school chums who are completely baffled as to why I have this as my profile picture:

Anyway, one friend has it on good authority that the dress for this occasion is “dressy casual, or what we would have called semi-formal in high school.”   Hmm . . . as I recall, semi-formal in high school meant the guys wore suits and ties and the girls wore dresses (as opposed to formal which meant the guys in tuxedos and the girls begging their mothers to take them shopping three states away because, O!M! Gosh!  If they were seen in the same dress as somebody else the world would swiftly and undoubtedly come to a bloody, burning end).

Another friend, however, has it on good authority that the dress for this occasion is “business casual.”

Hmm . . . that can mean so many different things to so many different people.  Especially from my high school.  Dockers and a polo?  Blue polyester pants and a freshly pressed gray button down with your name stiched in red on the patch above your breast pocket?  Clean overalls?  Jeans and a flannel with all of its buttons?

So, being the sensible gal I am, I sent a message through FaceBook to my some of my old high school chums (almost all of whom are male) asking them what they will be wearing.

You know, it’s been a while since I’ve hung out primarily with guys.  I mean, once a girl gets married, it really doesn’t matter how many of your best friends are guys, you just kinda stop hanging with them.  It’s been even longer, of course, since I hung with these particular guys, so I really wasn’t prepared for the responses.  I should have been, but I wasn’t.

One said he is wearing a jock strap and a sailor cap.

Another said something about a red, satin g-string.

Really, I ask, how much support can a satin g-string provide?

The reunion is being held at a restaurant I’ve never been too.  I’ve heard it’s nice, but I don’t think it’s that nice.

McH is perfectly willing to wear a suit as long as I am dressed to a similar standard (darn, and I was so looking forward to a frayed denim micro-mini and flip flops), but I don’t want to make him be overdressed compared to everyone else.

He is equally comfortable in khakis and a polo, but what if that makes him underdressed?

I’m not too worried about me, because a skirt and a blouse would do for either, and I can just have spare shoes in the car to dress it up or down if I feel the need.

So what would you do?  Put your husband Ask your husband to wear a suit or just go for the khakis?  If it’s the khakis, polo shirt or button down?  If it’s the button down, tie or no tie?

Or would you just say, “Screw it.  I haven’t seen most of these people for 20 years and likely won’t see them for another 20.  I’ll just wear whatever I’m in the mood for that particular day”?

I must know what you would do, otherwise the world will swiftly and undoubtedly come to a bloody, burning end.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt wishes you were going to be there.

13 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. He could wear khakis and a button down w/ a tie and blazer in the car just in case. That is what my hubby would do. Hope that helps. 🙂 Have fun. I can’t wait for mine next year. 20 yrs goes by way too fast.


  2. As a person who loves clothes, I am usually overdressed in many occasions. I don’t care – I’d much rather be overdressed than underdressed. And I have real issues with the general grunginess and casualness our society is slipping into. (Pajamas at the grocery store?! Flip-flops at church?!) Wasn’t there a conference talk on that recently? Maybe an Ensign article…

    Anyway, I think your choice of a skirt is perfect. As for McH, a suit or dress pants and blazer without a tie is a great option. It is dressed up but the lack of tie gives it an unstudied air. And it looks hot, so you can enjoy showing him off! 😉

    Have fun!


  3. A jacket for McH in case he needs to dress up dress pants and a dress shirt. Tie in the car too. Skirt and blouse for you, subtle, a little upscale. No g-string! LOL

    So, you’re on facebook eh? Couldn’t find you…

    Have a blast at the reunion!!


  4. Khakis & button-down for him, tie and sport coat in the car to be deployed if necessary. Skirt & blouse for you (as noted above) with alternate shoes +/- alternate jewelry.

    And I’m on facebook too, but don’t see you. I’m LM’s friend, if that helps. 😉


  5. Twilight T-shirts and sweats… for both of you. Teach them to be a little clearer about the dress code next time.

    Your FB profile pic is the scariest looking doll I’ve seen in a long time. I’m gonna have bad dreams tonight. Thanks.


  6. I would put my husband in khakis with a button-front shirt, no tie, and have him bring his blazer. It’s the perfect in-between, plus an extra layer for you when the restaurant is inevitably too cold. (The red satin g-string is optional, though, it might show through the khakis.)


  7. lauren

    i’d vote for button down with khaki’s, tie in the car just in case. I probably would say skip the jacket, but i think that look is kind of cheesy anyway.
    Have fun!


  8. metaphase

    I agree with everyone else’s comments on the shirt and dress pants, though does anyone wear actual khaki’s anymore? But you know, pants, button down, and sport coat. I really don’t know that he’d need a tie. I think the skirt is fine for you. ( And I won’t judge on the g-strings for either of you, that’s for you to decide..)
    And though I agree our society has gotten much more casual, I must say I do wear flip flops to church, dressy ones if that’s not an oxymoron. I live in flip flops, it all started in Hawaii. I just can’t help it, Jennifer!:)


  9. Christina

    People were dressed in a whole range of styles at our reunion. “Evening Casual” is the most ridiculously vague style phrase, ever. I’d vote for Khakis and a button down shirt – a suit says you’re trying to hard. But then, I’m from Seattle where there’s only 2 restaurants in the whole city where you are required to wear a tie.


  10. Gina

    I vote for dress pants, button down shirt, and sport coat (with a tie on reserve, if needed) for McH and a little black dress for you (maybe not micro-mini, though).


  11. Honest, the first time I saw that picture, it was a tiny thumbnail and it scared the heck out of me because I thought it was one of your kids. Yes. I am that blind.

    I just kept staring at it. Those eyes. They still haunt me.


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