So Far This Morning . . .

I have Done two loads of laundry,


Carpet scrubbed my bedroom,

Mopped my bathroom,

Bathed the Newfoundland, who leaks copious amounts of urine in her sleep (luckily she sleeps in my bathroom) (but then comes out and her wet fur drips onto my bedroom carpet) (I’m sorry, were you eating breakfast?),

Called the veterinarian’s office to let them know those antibiotics they gave the Newf last week don’t seem to be helping at all,

And now I have to figure out a way to collect a urine sample.  I know we’re out in the boonies, but we do have a few neighbors and a goodly amount of traffic.  Really, what are people going to think when they see me chasing a huge black dog around my yard and diving in with some kind of receptacle when she finally decides to squat?


And apparently?  If it isn’t truly a bladder infection as the vet suspected last week (didn’t get a urine sample while we were in the office because her bladder felt empty and, I suspect, they didn’t want to wrestle an 88 lb. dog and hold her down so they could stick a needle into her bladder and extract urine) then apparently, according to said vet, it could be a hormone problem.  He said it is rare in younger dogs, but if that is the problem she will need estrogen injections about every six months for, you know, the rest of forever.


And why, again, do they take the ovaries out when they spay a dog?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is flabbergasted.

6 thoughts on “So Far This Morning . . .

  1. Um how the heck do you collect a dog’s urine sample? Can you at least have someone video tape you doing it and post it here for us to see? Because it would be hilarious, err, I mean, educational!


  2. Our neighbor had to collect a sample from her dog & she taped a yogurt cup to the end of a golf club. I thought that was ingenious but she did look rather silly chasing her dog around her yard with a yogurt cup taped to a golf club. I agree with Tracy – this is a must video tape occasion.


  3. Teri

    My husky also has an incontinence (sp) problem. The getting the sample wasn’t that hard as I didn’t let her off the leash and eventually she was going to have to go and I was able to just get the sample. Hope to not have to do that again anytime soon. But Daisy’s issue is crystals in the bladder, so she is on proin to keep the piddles at bay and on special food to help keep the crystals out of the bladder.


  4. Okay, after reading this post and the comments…I am SO glad we haven’t had any urine problems with our dog! Sounds like it is going to be quite an adventure trying to get a urine sample…and I’m sure the follow-up post will be fun to read! ;-0


  5. Heeeheee! Sorry I had to laugh. Been there, done that..well, sorta. Thankfully that’s the bonus of being a veterian’s wife. I NEVER have to ACTUALLY do this stuff! 🙂 Shad just walked out the door before I pulled your page up, but if I can remember when he gets home, I’ll ask him about why they take out the ovaries. I imagine it has something to do with, while they’re in there let’s get everything out that could cause a problem. We had a dog with an incontinence problem after being spayed (not by Shad) and eventually had to find her a home out in the country, because I couldn’t take having to clean up the dog pee all the time.
    Shad says she was the worst case he had ever had, so hopefully the Newfie’s problem wil be easily cured.


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