I Promise This Has Nothing To Do With Government Schools and Everything to Do With My Two-Year-Old’s Speech

So do I get an award for longest blog post title or what?

You know how kids sometimes have sudden leaps in speech development?  That was my kid today.  Yes, today!  Well, okay, for the past few days, but today was kind of a culmination.

First, he picked up a towel and said, “Towel!”  Now, he actually said this for the first time on Tuesday (yes, that is how big a deal it is around here when he picks up a new word, I remember the exact day).

Then, we were doing body parts and he said nose, which he has been able to say for a very, very, very, very long time but pretty much never says anyway.  He then tried to say ears and eyes.  He can say knees.

He has been pointing at things off and on all day, wanting me to say the name of whatever he is pointing at so that he could try to say it.

Then this evening?  He came to me saying, “Ba, ba, ba,” while pointing to the family room.  I told him I didn’t know what he meant and was about to ask him to show me what he wanted when A~ said, “I’m pretty sure he wants to play Wii.”

So I asked him if he wanted to play Wii, and he vigorously shook his head yes.  I told him he needs to say Wii if he wants to play it, so he said, “Eeee!  Eeee!” (which he first did last week).

Of course I said, “Okay, you can play Wii.  Go with A~ and she’ll turn it on for you,” and he jumped up and down once (well, technically I suppose he only jumped up once and gravity took care of the down part), clapped his hands and turned to run into the family room.

BUT.  But, as he turned to run, he said, “Tant tooo!!!!!!!”

A~ and I about fell over, and started giggling like a couple of tweens who just spotted the Jonas Brothers in the mall and were plotting our attack.

Today my child has said more words than I can actually recall (probably a first), and said “thank you” for the first time.

Additionally, he is just becoming more communicative overall.  He is pointing more and nodding more, shaking his head more, trying to say words more, everything I would have been expecting him to do months and months and months ago.  He just wasn’t ready months, and months and months ago.  Now?  He is.

Oh, and he loves to count.  He actually doesn’t say six, seven or eight, but he can say the rest up to ten.

I know he is still way behind.  I know this, I get this.  But he really is making progress.  And?  I really do think those “Your Baby Can Read” videos have helped.  Plus?  Midge found a show on some channel called “Brainy Baby” which is basically “Your Baby Can Read” but, you know, free on t.v., and Quinn loves it.  Also?  I downloaded a baby flashcard app for my iTouch and he loves it!  I say the word, he tries to say it (or not) and then taps the screen to see the next word/picture.  I think all of this has really encouraged his speech.

Now here is a question for you.  Are any of your two-year old obsessed with cards?  Well, maybe obsessed is too strong a word, but Quinn loves cards.  He will carry around Uno cards, or just little educational number cards, or go fish cards, or the Baby Einstein cards with pictures of animals, or cards with letters on them.  He loves cards, loves to look at them, loves to have me tell him what is on each card.  He will sleep with cards.  He will scream and yell “Mine!” if he sees somebody else carrying around a deck of cards (even if he wasn’t playing with them and they aren’t his).

When Tank Boy was this age he was very, very, very incredibly attached to the Baby Einstein animal cards, but that was it. 

My girls never cared about cards. 

What is up with the cards?  If you have any ideas and would like to share, I’d really appreciate it.

Tant too.

7 thoughts on “I Promise This Has Nothing To Do With Government Schools and Everything to Do With My Two-Year-Old’s Speech

  1. dalton was obsessed with cards – he was a card brainiac. If they made a card for it, he memorized it. I was totally disillusioned to find out none of my other kids could care less about cards. It’s a good thing though! Enjoy it!!

    Yay on the speach boom!


  2. metaphase

    It’s great to hear he’s making strides. My kids don’t get to obsessed with any toy (or cards or whatever). I’ve heard of kids carrying all sorts of things, though.


  3. that’s great — Lucy made the same leap recently, although she’s going to be 3 next month so even more behind than Q. It’s wonderful to see. I’m going to see if I can find the “Brainy Baby” show too. Lucy’s also taken up counting, although apparently 3 and 4 are dead to her — together, she and Q can win a count-to-10 challenge with no problem.


  4. Kelli

    Way to go Quinn! Tant too for letting me know boys like to carry around cards. Aiden has started carrying his one and only set in an empty block bag. Along with anything else he can stuff in there….little hoarder.


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