Not Complaining, Just Reporting

McH and I just had a conference with A~’s math teacher and the middle school principal.

I feel so much better about A~’s placement in the non-honors pre-algebra class now!

Really, what was I thinking, getting all worked up over it?  After all, the teacher’s lesson plans are the same for BOTH CLASSES!  Well, she hoped the honors kids would be a bit ahead of the non-honors kids (hence passing out the books earlier to the honors classes?), but today that changed, she said (because the honors kids weren’t getting).

Having flashbacks from my own seventh-grade math experience.

We’d already planned to buy the K12 history curriculum that both girls are missing out on by being in school.  Now I’m debating the 7th grade pre-algebra as well.  Except there were two reasons we put the girls in school this year:  1.  So they could meet other kids & 2. Because A~’s math was getting beyond me.  So I’m not sure how much sense it would make to buy the math curriculum.

Anyway, this all is inspiring me to maybe write about what I think is the fundamental problem with public education and what (on a very basic level) needs to be done to fix it; but I won’t get into it now (hint:  it has very little to do with money) (this school district, for example, recently had tons of money dumped into it for a couple of brand new buildings and technology equipment, and who knows what else, yet here they are with a teacher who doesn’t vary her lesson plans for the honors and regular pre-algebra classes).

Another day, though.  Maybe about the same time I finally get around to that whole “God and Adoption” post I keep saying I’ll write.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is in his happy place, looking at the pretty picture below.

Oh, ps – In case you didn’t know, the President of the United States is going to be speaking to our public school children the day after Labor Day.  The US Department of Education has produced this for teachers to use in conjunction with the speech.  You know, if they want to. 

4 thoughts on “Not Complaining, Just Reporting

  1. Christina

    Welcome to my world. It’s not such a great place, but here we are. Though K is actually taking non-honors Geometry this year because the honors Algebra (only variety they had at middle school) was too high pressure for her (Math is not her strong area)… but the supposedly “honors” English last year? Exactly what you’re talking about. They did the same stuff as the regular class, only they got yelled at more because apparently the teacher thought “honors” meant “perfect little droids who can read the teacher’s mind”. I’m hoping high school is better. I’ll let you know.
    And I was wondering when you were going to get to that part about Dear Leader’s mind-meld with America’s children. I’ve already started prepping mine, in the vain hope that they won’t get sucked in.


  2. real quick (I’m supposed to be working) – you are welcome to history and pre-alg. textbooks for the cost of shipping. oh wait – I think I have 6th grade history? You are welcome to that too. But i know for sure I have the alg book you want. I hate that book. But it is very VERY advanced in terms of honors math, imo.


  3. Caught up…I think.
    *It is great that you are getting a horse. The kids will love it! I had a couple when I was growing up. Wish I still had some.

    *The picture is gorgeous, edited and not edited.

    *My kids math was beyond me YEARS ago…never was my strong suit.


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