B-E-A-T-O, And Beato Is His Name-O

That would be Be-Ato (as in rhymes with tomato) (with the long A), not Be-eto (as in rhymes with Cheeto).

Apparently it originally did rhyme with Cheeto, but the family we bought him from thought that sounded stupid and changed the pronunciation.

Yay for them!

Beato 2                                               Getting him off the trailer at the boarding stable

Beato                                                                              With his adoring fans

We weren’t going to tell the kids about him until sometime next month.  That was the plan.  Ahh, the best laid plans . . . are thwarted by fog and a two-hour school delay.

McH borrowed a horse trailer last night and parked it just on our neighbors’ side of the property line (with their permission, of course).  The plan was to tell the girls, if they noticed the trailer in the morning (trust me, one of them very likely would not have), that we had no idea why the neighbors had a horse trailer on their property.  Unfortunately, there was a two-hour delay this morning, which meant the girls had to be out to wait for the bus at exactly the time McH and I needed to be out there hitching up the trailer.  We figured they both would notice that.

So, we told them.  Actually, we told them we had a secret, and we didn’t want to tell them, but we knew we couldn’t hide it from them any longer.  Then we walked them outside to let them see the trailer and watch the gears grind in their heads.  One of them didn’t even notice it (see, I told you so!) until her sister ran, leaping and bounding and clapping and squealing, over to peek in the windows in search of an actual horse.

The whole rest of the county, however, apparently noticed the trailer on the neighbors’ property, because when McH went up to Little Town to go to the Little Town Bank and then the quickie mart he had several people ask, “Why is there a horse trailer on M’s property?  They don’t even own a dog!  Are they getting a horse??”

So then McH, of course, had to tell them it was for us; and I’m sure they all thought that made much more sense since, you know, we have three dogs.

Anyway, the kids are all pretty thrilled, except for Midge who really doesn’t seem to care one way or the other.  Tank Boy, on the other hand, who never acted particularly enthusiastic about horses, has thanked his father over and over this evening. 

He was so sweet at the stable, too.  We put the Beato in the indoor riding arena area to stretch his legs while McH and the stable dude got the stall ready, and the horse was obviously a bit discombobulated (and hungry).  I told the kids he was scared because he is in a new place, where everything looks and smells different, and all of his familiar people are gone.  I asked Tank Boy how he thought he would feel if that happened to him, and he shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.

So I took the opportunity to remind him that it had happened to him when he came to us from Korea, and that he was very scared at the time.  As soon as I said it, I could see the light bulb go on in his head, and he suddenly had empathy for Beato.

“What can we do to cheer the horse up, Mommy?” he asked.  “What can we do to cheer the horse up?”

Oh, geesh, I just nodded off in front of the computer.  I am dead tired.  Umm . . . I told Tank Boy we need to love Beato, and be kind to him, and just give him time, and maybe some carrots.  This typing while half asleep thing is totally missing the poignancy of the moment, the sincerity of my little son and his concern for the horse’s happiness; but it was all there, trust me.

Anyway, we have a horse.  Tomorrow we’ll go back to the stable and give him some carrots, spend some time with him, and see if he’s ready to ride.  Oh.  And apparently?  We got a really rocking deal on an Australian saddle today.  I had no idea such a thing existed, so we didn’t understand how good the deal was, but we have since found out that we paid about 10% of it’s actual value and it is virtually brand new.  So, score.

Okay, off to bed before my head hits the keyboard.

y7uyu (Apparently that is what happens when my head hits the keyboard.  I was curious.  Had to see).

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is avoiding those big horse feet.

9 thoughts on “B-E-A-T-O, And Beato Is His Name-O

  1. awww. he looks scary. (I’m afraid of all horses so that’s a default answer, not personal).

    Ok so now what we really need to talk about is when the chickens will arrive. Because chickens? Are so much better than horses. Plus I’m pretty sure your hubby owes you one. 😛 Oh wait – maybe you don’t actually WANT chickens? I’m sure you must. Who doesn’t want chickens?


  2. He is beautiful! Not too big, but not a tiny thing either. A very fine looking horse. I have some apples falling (my trees did awful this year, btw) that he would love…too bad we aren’t closer.


  3. Does the internet make us lazy? If my children had written my comment above, I would have lectured them fragments, run-on’s, and the like. I should have re-read it before hitting that submit button.


  4. Christina

    Be-ah-to is Be-yooo-ti-ful! (cheesy, I know. sorry!)
    There’s no way I’d be able to keep a horse-sized secret from my kids for a month either. I can’t believe your kids already had a school delay?!
    That was a very sweet story about Tank Boy. Thanks for fighting off sleep to share it with us. 🙂


  5. Gina

    Not only do you have three dogs, but you have pond frogs, a newt, and about a million bees. You do still have the bees, don’t you? (I’d like a bee update if you’re taking post requests.) And now a horse. You really do live out in the country. I’m with Nicki; I think you need chickens. Just think of all the fresh eggs. Mmmm.


  6. What a gorgeous horse!

    Hey, I don’t think I Have your password. Not that I’m being presumptuous. Perhaps you are private with your password, which I totally understand. But if you wanna share, I could totally be open to that too. I mean, not that I’m being presumptuous…

    or maybe I am. Or I already had it and lost it….


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