The Interpolation of Little Children

L~  just got home from school and was gravely concerned that she got an A+ on one math assignment, an A on another, and (please don’t beat me mommy!) an A- on the third.

Umm, I don’t beat my children.  She didn’t really think I was going to beat her.  However, she was afraid that she might not be allowed to ride the horse the next time we go to the stable.  The rule is straight As or no horse riding.

She said she would have redone the assignment for an A, but only people who failed the assignment were allowed to redo it.  Her concern was palpable, and I was afraid she was going to cry.

I was telling her that an A- still counts as an A, when her almost five-year-old brother piped in with his definitive explanation:

If you want to ride the horse you have to get straight As, but no curved  Cs.  If you get curved Cs you can’t ride; but if you get straight As then you can.  Okay?

In other news, my oldest two were shocked, shocked! I say, to learn through this whole discussion that in regular government school an F is the only failing grade.  Up until now, anything less than about an 80-85% for them counted as not passing and had to be redone.

A~ summed up her opinion of the government schools’ grading system succinctly: “An F???  That’s dumb.”

Yes, there is an argument for that sentiment . . .

2 thoughts on “The Interpolation of Little Children

  1. akentuckycreation


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  2. Christina

    Wow, they have to get straight A’s?! You are one strict momma! I’m good with B’s so long as I know the kid in question is really trying. (Actually, only K has gotten letter grades. The others get that weird scale of like Knows Everything, Is Keeping Up, Is Falling Behind, and Is Totally Lost. Only you know, in more PC terms.) I love 5 year old’s explanation – stay away from curvy C’s! LOL.


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