Factoid Friday

  • I got very, very little sleep last night.  Tank Boy has this weird thing where he wakes up with pain in his “knee pit” if he is a bit dehydrated.  Is this normal?  I don’t know, but it is for him.  The solution, of course, is to give him a drink.  That’s all well and good except that we have been trying to do nighttime pull-up free for a couple of weeks now and . . . between the time I spent massaging his leg so he could get back to sleep and the TWO times he, umm, would have been better off with a pull up on, well, I’m exhausted.  How did I survive four consecutive years of this kind of crap sleep when the oldest two were little?  I have no idea.
  • Of course, part of the sleep deprivation also comes from the fact that I stayed up late last night reading.  Since there was another two hour fog delay this morning, the older kids started school with the youngers (voluntarily!) and I was able to finish the book, Catching Fire, this morning.  It is the sequel to The Hunger Games.  They are disturbing books, actually.  I read the first one last year and wasn’t sure if I was going to read the second one (because of the whole “disturbing” aspect).  But then I needed to add something to my cart to get the super saver shipping at Amazon, and in it went.  Now I can’t wait until next year when the third one comes out.  I’m also hoping someone designs and sells a mockingjay pin.
  • This morning, as I was finishing up the book, Quinn kept saying, “Eee buh!  Eee buh!”  Since he’d just brought a few books into the kitchen, I thought he was saying, “Read book!  Read book!” and I was all ready to count that as an actual sentence.  But then I realized, no, that is not what he was saying.  He was actually pleading with me for the “Wii board!  Wii board!”  *sigh*
  • L~ may be the child who was all horse crazy and collaborating with her father to wear me down and actually get one, but A~?  A~ is the rider.  So far.  My word she amazes me, this wispy, willowy, almost twelve-year-old who just hops on that huge animal and trots him and canters him around the arena like she has been doing it her whole life.  No fear.  No doubts.  She just goes.  I both admire this and abhor this.  I can’t not admire the way she handles herself and the horse in the riding arena; but on the other hand?  A little fear would be indicative of a smidgen of common sense.
  • A friend recently asked how the girls are adjusting to public school.  I told her they seem to be doing okay, are making friends, getting used the the schedules, etc.  I’m still hearing from people that they are very, very quiet at school, but they are coming home with smiles on their faces, stories to tell me with excitement, and the phone numbers of other girls, so all in all I think things are going well.  “That’s good,” she said, “but how are they doing with school?  I mean, are they struggling to get caught up with the other kids?”  *SNORT*  Obviously this is not yet a close friend.
  • Finally, if you haven’t commented on my last post and guessed when you think we’ll be getting the swine flu notice sent home from school, YOU STILL CAN!  No notice so far.  I’m still figuring out the prize.  Maybe a bracelet or something like that . . .

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

3 thoughts on “Factoid Friday

  1. Levi has leg cramps at night, too! And yes, they totally suck. My SIL (a physical therapist at Children’s Hospital in STL) gave us some cream (we call it “special lotion”) to use on him. It’s just a menthol cream, I think called “pain vanish” or something. It seems to work. And yeah, dehydration is also a trigger. One thing we started recently was gymnastics, to help stretch those muscles (because, seriously, this kid doesn’t actually need more physical activity, just guided physical activity) and the cramps have lessened quite a bit. So, maybe try some good stretching during the day to loosen them up a bit. Hope this helps!


  2. I am guessing you will get the notice on Oct. 6th

    Oh that cracks me up…your girls getting caught up on school! Because the last 6 years you have just been pretending to learn, right? Reminds me of people asking my best friend if her twins were identical…one was a girl and one a boy. People are too funny sometimes.


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