In Case You Thought I’ve Been Exaggerating



The push pin is on my pond.  you can see the few houses across the street from us.  This photo is outdated since there is now a house just to the south of us as well.  Then you notice all the FIELDS.


If you go north for just under a mile, you get to the thriving metropolis of Little Town.  You may notice all the FIELDS around it.


This, by contrast, is where we used to live.  Perhaps you notice the distinct lack of FIELDS?  And the fact that it rates color?  And the fact that the town continues on beyond the borders of this photo?

Culture shock, folks.  It’s been almost 18 months since we moved here, but  . . . culture shock.  I still can’t get over how far we have to drive to get anywhere.  I’m pretty much kinda over the whole Lack Of Target Within Five Minutes Of My House thing, but not quite over the Lack Of Anything Within Fifteen Minutes Of My House thing.

In other news, we have fence posts!  I mean, what is the point of having all that FIELD around if you don’t throw up a fence and stick your horse in it, right?  I’ll maybe take a photo this weekend after more progress has been made.  The goal is to have the first part of the pasture done by the end of the month so that we can bring the horse home.  The barn won’t be up until sometime in October, but we can build some kind of temporary lean-to to shelter the horse in the meantime.

In other other news, I have been caffeine free for three days now.  I don’t think I’ve gone this long without caffeine and a resultant migraine (which consequently sends me straight back to the caffeine) for at least three years.  I’ve got one can in the garage in case of a migraine, but that’s it.  No more daily dose.  Yay me!

Next on my hit list: sugar.

Anybody with me on that one? 

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt would be getting proficient on the horse were it not for an evil doll threatening to skewer him off.

8 thoughts on “In Case You Thought I’ve Been Exaggerating

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!

    Nope. Not with you. And not with you on the caffeine thing either. I’m fine with just saying you’re the better woman. I’m drinking a Coke as I type.


  2. Teri

    Oh my, I ran outside and breathed in some of the smog of the city. I like the idea of a lot of land and small town, but the reality is; if I can’t get to a large book store and a mall and a coffee chain for the caffeine that I absolutely refuse to give up, I would be in a padded cell. Oh and I say no to the lack of sugar too!


  3. Nicki

    I am pretty sure caffeine is harder than sugar. Don’t get me wrong – sugar is hard. HARD. And I can’t speak from experience since I have never had a reaction from caffeine (therefore it’s never been even remotely an addiction and there was no withdrawal even when I went off my 6-pack a day Coke habit a few years ago). But I know that I’ve been around my husband as he has gone through the withdrawal of each and I’ll take sugar hands down. He was totally dysfunctional off caffeine. It was bad.

    So if you made it this far, sugar should no biggy!


  4. m

    My brother had horrible headaches for years and went to one Dr after the other. They thought it was a sinus problem at first then a long list of other things but the headaches never stopped. The last Dr told him he was addicted to caffiene. It is in colas, coffee, and many over the counter drugs like Excedrine.

    Every time he got a migraine he took Excedrine and they would go away for a few hours and then come back worse then ever.

    It was hard to quit. He ended up in the ER one whole day and it took a month or two but he did get better and over the constant migraines.


  5. Gina

    Just looking at those arials of your, um, town? city? field?, I have a panicky feeling not unlike the feeling I get when I’m in an MRI tube. Only opposite. More like when I have to go pee in one of those oversized master bathrooms and it feels I’m like peeing in a wide open field. Private, but I wonder if anyone could be looking. Hmmm. Maybe that’s just me.

    I think you’re on your own, Elaine. I need those antioxidants that my four daily cups of coffee provide. And I’m already sugar-free. You know, other than a cookie or a cup of ice cream or a few pieces of dark chocolate or a caramel or two a couple times a day. Seriously though, sugar is the hardest thing for me to avoid. It’s everywhere. Congrats on being caffeine-/migraine-free and good luck kicking the sugar habit.


  6. Now that’s the middle of nowhere.

    I’ve tried to give up caffeine a couple of times, but have no desire to torture myself that way. And really, caffeine and sugar go hand in hand. But good luck with that. 🙂


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