What’s Been Going On

pasture We have some pasture all fenced in now.  It’s going to be a split pasture (not sure if that is a technical term or just what the McHster calls it).  So the front half, or the west pasture as I shall call it when I want to feel all land baron-y, is fenced in and ready to go.  The back half, or east pasture, has all the holes dug and the post set in, but not much else.  Some of the posts are leveled and the dirt has been filled in around them, but the rest, as you can see if you look really hard and maybe squint, are just lolling around wondering what their purpose in life is.

Anyway, half of the pasture is finished, and some little horse-loving girl just had a birthday, so you know what that means, right?

there's no place like homeYes, the horse came home today.  That would not, however, be the horse-loving girl who just had her birthday.  No, no, the birthday girl was too busy jumping and running around to actually be captured digitally or otherwise.  (Note to self:  focus on the horse in the background and then adjust the lighting and contrast in the photo, and you can show your child’s face because nobody can really make out anything other than the fact that the girl has thighs that are so skinny it should be illegal) (except, of course, such a law would be more government interference, and it’s no secret I’m against that).

As we all know, some people put the cart before the horse.  We, however, are not that kind of people.  In fact, we still don’t have a cart and will likely never get one.  We are, on the other hand, apparently the kind of people who put the horse before the barn, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep tonight because of it.  Everybody around here I mention it to tells me I’m nuts because, after all, it’s a horse!  He has a fur coat.  He’ll be fine!  I just tell them they might not feel the same way if they were the horse being left out in a field with a projected low of 35 degrees.  Am I right?  At least it’s not windy.  Today.  But between now and whenever they come build the barn (supposedly in the next week or two.  supposedly) we could have driving sleet.  It’s not likely, but you just never know in these parts.  Especially with all that global warming we’ve experienced this past spring summer.

I have visions of me bringing the horse in from the pasture and sticking him in the garage.  That, of course, would mean I would have to stay out in the garage with him to make sure he doesn’t eat our junk and make himself sick.  Which would then mean we’d have to do our homeschool out in the garage, which would be very difficult because our wireless internet signal doesn’t seem to be able to make it that far.   I don’t relish the idea of hanging out in the garage with a bored horse and no internet all day.  I hope they come build that barn soon.

Then I’d like to stop my husband’s personal crusade to single-handedly stimulate the economy.  Though there might be a second horse before that happens.  But then I’m cutting him off, I swear.  Financially, I mean.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is trying to not get stepped on.

4 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. metaphase

    I think a horse blanket (the kind you strap onto the horse) would be fine until the barn is ready, if it really is getting into the 30’s.
    And, I wouldn’t even have noticed your daughter’s slender frame until you pointed it out. She is tiny. Oh, what a blessing that will be for her in 15 more years. I never knew (nor will I ever know) what it was like to be that small!


  2. I’m like you. I always get concerned about animals left out in the cold. I guess it’s because I get cold so easily, I figure ALL living creatures get as cold as I do. You are lucky to have so much land. Your kids will love it.


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