What is this in my pasture??????

That would be an Oscar.  And I didn’t even have to act all angsty in a movie to get one.

I tried and tried and tried to get a picture of him standing next to Beat0 so you could see how much smaller Oscar is, but he and Beat0 seem to have come to some sort of understanding that requires Oscar to remain at least 10 yards away at all times.  So this is the best I got:

Oscar & Beato
While Oscar is much smaller, he’s not quite as small as this picture makes him look.  He seems to be a great little horse (technically a pony, except that Haflingers are never counted as ponies no matter how small they are, or something like that; but Oscar probably isn’t pure Haflinger anyway, so I don’t know what you’d call him other than a very good horse).

And now the spending freeze is on.  Maybe I’ll make a blog project out of it and bore you all through 2010 by keeping a daily tally of how much we spend.  That might keep somebody’s wallet closed for a bit.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is shamefully behind on blog reading.

5 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. Christina

    Oh my, now you’ve gone and done it. TWO horses?! You are a very nice, very brave mama. And I’m not even telling K~ about this, or she’ll be using it to guilt me from now on. (Seriously. If I say “Whatever you want” in response to something, she ALWAYS responds, “Can I have a pony?” – So now she’d say, “Can I have a pony? Your blog friend Elaine got one for her kids. Don’t you love me as much as Elaine loves her kids?” I know she would.)


  2. Dianna

    Beato does look mildly disgusted with the new addition, but I think he’s rather cute! I’d say ‘Congrats’, but I’m not sure this is a congratulatory occasion. How about ‘good luck with the spending freeze’? *lol*


  3. Oh my goodness, so, so cute! You amaze me – you must have a secret closet full of energy and motivation and all sorts of good stuff, could you send me some? 🙂


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