What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Is Going On Around Here Anyway?

Is there something in the water?  The air?  The planetary alignments?  Because we have confusion and dismay on a couple fronts right now.

Firstly, we aren’t sure what is going on, but Beat0 suddenly decided last Saturday, while my niece was riding him, that he is done being ridden. D.O.N.E. Done.  He started kicking out his back legs.  The niece got down, McH got up, and Beat0 kept kicking his back legs.  Even got a full buck out of him.  McH made him do one more complete lap around the meadow without stopping before he put him up in the pasture, but still . . .

Then Monday, when McH tried to saddle him up, the same thing.  He stared kicking before the saddle was even on his back. 

And?  He tried to trample our little dog who had follwed A~ out into the pasture when she went to scoop.  A~ and L~ were relieved of scooping duties after that.

And?  He bit Oscar in the butt.  Poor little horse.  It didn’t break his skin or anything, but still.  I had just given both horses an apple (one each, not one between the two of them), and when Beat0 had finished his, he took off after Oscar (who had about one good munch left in his mouth) and bit him.  Oscar, to his credit, ran away and kicked out at Beat0 with his back legs in defense.  He’s a tough little guy.

Needless to say, we are somewhat heartbroken.  A bucking horse is much like a biting dog:  Not Something I Can Have Around My Children.

McH called the previous owner to explain what has been going on and ask if he had any ideas.  His response?

“Seriously?  That horse?  You  must be kidding!!!!”

He went on to say that his best guess is that we aren’t as heavy handed with the horse as he was, so the horse is copping an attitude.  We had suspected that ourselves, though we hadn’t gone so far as to say the previous owner was a hillbilly who wasn’t afraid to lay into the horse.  The previous owner, however, said exactly that.  He also asked us to NOT send the horse off to auction.

Sending a horse off to auction is apparently the current way of saying, “sending the horse off to the glue factory.”

Well, it never crossed our minds to do that.  We’d like to see if we can work through this and get the horse under control again without getting a riding crop and beating the stuffing out of him.  That just isn’t us.  If that can’t happen, and soon, then we need to find Beat0 another home.

The previous owner said he has regretted selling the horse ever since he did it and would like to have him back if things don’t work out.  He is going to come to our place sometime this weekend or next week to see our set up and see what is going on and see if he can help us work through this issue.  If it looks like it isn’t going to work, he is going to try to find another horse for us and we’ll just trade him Beat0 for the newbie.


I suppose this might be the best way to go, but then I worry about Beat0.  Part of me thinks he’d be happiest going back to the home that was his for so many years, but part of me also doesn’t want to send him back to a place where he was apparently treated rather roughly.

So yesterday I went out to the pasture with two apples.  Beat0 ate his and Oscar was down to his last munch when Beat0, again, started to take off after him.  I was prepared.  I had one of my mud-crusted, clodhopper, slip-on shoes in my hand and I smacked him in the face with it when he started off after Oscar.  I didn’t hit him hard at all (it wouldn’t have even left a bruise on me, and as my husband likes to say, I bruise from people breathing on me), but still, I smacked him in the face with my shoe.  I repeated the process a couple more times (sans shoe – just used my hand).  By the third time he wasn’t chasing Oscar any more.

A~ is heartbroken.  This horse, for all intents and purposes, is her horse.  L~ could barely care.  She likes Oscar better and has been terrified of Beat0 from the get-go just because of his size.  I?  Am very sad.

As a stay-at-home, home schooling mom with five kids, I don’t get to accomplish much for myself.  My life is mostly about trying (and failing) to keep the house clean, doing my best to help the kids reach their potential, making meals, doing laundry, and squeezing in some reading in my bathroom free time.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge my children their mother-supported milestones and accomplishments at all.  It’s just that, with this horse, I was learning something new, developing a new skill, achieving something myself and rather enjoying it.  I felt like the horse and I were coming to terms with each other and developing a trusting kind of bond thing. 



So I’m feeling like somehow I’ve let the horse down, and I’m feeling like the horse is somehow letting me down, and it is all quite sad.

And?  I had this other long post all typed up about further confusion in our lives, but then my computer locked up and I had to shut everything down, and the post wasn’t saved, and . . .


So, (probably not) short summary:  we aren’t sure what McH’s job is as of today.  Oh, we know he still has one, and it might even be a promotion, but we’re not sure what exactly it is.  Will he be traveling more?  We don’t know.  Will he be making more money?  We don’t know.  Is this new stuff just another extra assignment?  We don’t know.  Will he retain his current position?  We don’t know.  Will he even be able to continue working out of his current location?  We. Don’t. Know! (but most likely, yes).

Because?  Nobody asked him if he wanted this.  Nobody said anything about it at all, actually.  They just sprung it on him in a meeting yesterday when he saw a power point slide (or some such thing) of some organizational structure and his name was in a slot where he didn’t think it should be.

“Shouldn’t so-and-so’s name be there?”  he asked. 

“No, not anymore.  That’s you now.”

Nice.  So-and-so was just as surprised as McH, and I’m sure not at all happy about it.

We don’t even know if he is being given so-and-so’s job, or if he is just being given that part of So-and-so’s job.  So-and-so, who is/was/whatever a higher-up on the management ladder from McH is apparently as clueless as we are.


And?  A bit disconcerting since nobody even asked McH if he was interested in this new job/assignment/whatever.  I mean, if it is good for his career he would obviously want to take it.  But?  Given that we don’t know what it entails, if he’ll even be able to work out of his current location, if he’ll have to travel gobs and gobs, if he’s being relieved of his current position, if he’s getting any kind of raise or promotion, if this is all temporary or not, it would be nice if they’d fill him in on the details first and ask him if he’s interested rather than just inform him that this is what he’ll be doing and where he’ll be going and whatever else.  Because?  He has a family, and it includes five children, and we kind of like to make potentially life changing decisions together.

If I wanted to live at the whimsical mercy of my husband’s employer, I would have said, “Yes!  Go work for the FBI.”  But that’s not quite what I said when it came up.

Anyway, at this point we just don’t know.  His current boss doesn’t know exactly what is going on, except that it is going on because some kind of transfer request for McH came across his desk.  The guy who will be his new boss also apparently knows nothing since he just found out about it  yesterday as well.  Best we can tell right now, the only person who does know what is going on is the guy one level below The Big Guy (and no, I don’t mean God).

Apparently we won’t find out any more information about it until sometime next week.  That in and of itself is frustrating because PEOPLE!  My birthday is this weekend and if the McHster is being promoted up a couple of levels like it looks like he might be (poor So-and-so). . . well . . . that could seriously affect our choice of where to go out to eat to celebrate my agedness.

(That was a joke, in case you didn’t catch it – I mean, I am getting old, but the whole restaurant thing was a joke.  I really don’t care and there isn’t anywhere that nice around here anyway).

Oh well.  Likely as not we’ll find out sometime next week that this is just another special assignment that will last for a few months and take him out of town for three weeks or something.

In the meantime, we have a horse with multiple personality disorder who has given in to the Dark Side, and a job that is apparently stable but undetermined.  I’m not really complaining as much as I’m just . . . confused . . .

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt advises you stay away from us lest your life become weirdly complicated.

7 thoughts on “What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Is Going On Around Here Anyway?

  1. Doesn’t it always seem that confusing things happen all at once? I hope you figure out what is going on with the horse because he seemed like such a perfect fit for your family. And I hope your hubby learns his “fate” soon. It must be a little frustrating not knowing what is going on. Oh, and Happy Birthday…coming up!


  2. Nancy

    When you work for XXX XXXXX your fate is in their whimsical hands, and he does work for XXX XXXXX now. Pray for the best, prepare for the rest.

    This comment has been edited due to just a smidge TMI for a non pasword protected post.


  3. Oh how frustrating about Beato. I get very invested in our pets too … I hope you can convince him to go back to being his nice docile self.

    Re: The work thing. Ay yi yi. My hubby has had similar experiences recently, on a smaller scale – finding out overnight that the description of his job is completely changed, not really knowing what the heck his new role entails… it’s super stress inducing and not at all fun. And McH’s situation seems really extreme – I know times are crazy and all that but dude you’d think they’d let him in on the plan being as how he’s apparently a very important part of that plan!


  4. Yep, there’s a lot of change going on in workplaces across the country…your husband’s experience seems very familiar to me, based on my personal experience and as an HR person too. I think it’s happening to tons of people. Hope it ends up well; all signs seem to be pointing in that direction. Which makes him one of the lucky ones.


  5. metaphase

    So I got nothin’ for the workplace thing. It’s just the strange times we live in right now..
    As for the horse, I’m sure you’ve already done this, but thought I’d mention it anyway. You may want to check for any health changes. A lot of behavioral issues are related to health and nobody knows it. Then again, he could just be a large male horse throwing his weight around. Not that you have to be mean to him, but you do have to show him who’s in control, which can be hard if you’re a little kid! Oh the drama that owning animals can bring. Who knew? I feel like the sudden change for him coupled with bringing in a new male horse could be the issue, though..


  6. Wow. There is a whole lot going on in this post and I am sorry I have been so busy trying to keep a divorce from exploding into something like a divorce + homicide + bank fraud that I haven’t had any time to read blogs…

    I am sorry about Beat0. It’s important to have something that feels like it’s yours, and your thing is…kicking and biting, and that’s hard.

    And McH’s job…I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

    The next time it is your birthday, if it’s actually your birthday, there are a few nice restaurants here in town that will take 50% off your bill (if there are two of you eating – if there are four of you on 1 bill they will take 25% off) (you have to show them your driver’s license.) The seafood restaurant down by “the docks” is one that does that, and their seafood is pretty good (for being pretty far away from the ocean.)


  7. I just realized that implied that I didn’t believe it was your birthday – what I mean is, if you are going out to eat on the day that is your birthday, and not a day that is NEAR your birthday. Sorry!


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