Just Another Day On The Farm

So I’d just come back from an afternoon of mommy and me time with Tank Boy, all excited because some blessed soul raised the speed limit to 65 mph on a stretch of road between us and the nearest (barely a) mall, and because my New Moon soundtrack was waiting in the mailbox.  Really, it’s everything anybody can ask for when you live in such a god-forsaken place as this.

I popped the cd into my laptop to listen to while I started dinner.  I was just a few songs in to it, and hadn’t even gotten anything on the stove yet, when I turned to my fridge and, out of the corner of my eye, saw out my northernmost dining room window which faces the front yard.  Really, this is no big deal.  I always catch a glimpse out of my dinning room window(s) when I go to get something out of the fridge.

What was a big deal was that it looked like the Black Stallion was running, crazed, through my front yard.

Now you may remember from the earliest pictures I posted that Beat0 was brown.  Emphasis on the was.  The guy we bought him off of told us he was really black and just bleached out from being in the sun so much over the summer.  He was right.  Beat0 is now quite black.

And he was running, crazed, through my front yard (which is bordered in the front by a 55mph road).

I yelled to my husband and ran out the back door, peeling my socks off as I went because that took less time than finding my shoes, and tore around the side of the house to the garage to grab a flake of hay.

Oh yes, hay comes in bales that break into flakes.  More information I never truly needed to know, but do now.

As I ran for the hay I noticed a white car angling into our driveway, so apparently a passerby was going to alert us to what was going on, but I rudely didn’t take the time to stop to say thank you and chit chat before I ran (me running is so not a pretty sight) across the front yard and over to our gargantuan horse who was freaked out (remember those scenes with that big black horse in The Man From Snowy River?  Yeah, kind of like that, but with less rearing).  Luckily McH had run out and around the other side of the house, so he was already there.  And?  Luckily Beat0 is a huge pig who didn’t care that he had recently eaten. 

I threw the hay on the ground close to him and he stopped.  McH tried to get a rope around his neck, but he bolted again.  I picked up the hay and got close and tossed it again.  Or something.  I don’t know, those details are already fuzzy.  Anyway, we finally caught the horse and tied him to a post and gave him the rest of the hay so he could calm down a bit.

And I’m ready to pass out from the adrenaline rush.

But here is the kicker.  The damn horse jumped the fence.  Both gates were closed and locked, but part of the fence was bent and the newly installed (oh how we did not want to do it) electric top wire was snapped (we really didn’t want to put any electric up, but he was leaning over the fence and bending it d-o-w-n so he could get to the grass on the other side, and he was ruining the fence, and we were afraid he’d get it to the point where he could *snort* jump over it).  And now McH is feeling terribly guilty because he bought electric wire instead of electric tape, and the horse caught it with his back legs and cut himself (though it doesn’t look terribly bad, as far as we can tell).  And I probably should feel guilty because he went with the wire since it is way cheaper than the tape and I’ve been giving him grief about how expensive all this horse stuff is (because?  Oh, it is expensive), but right now I am too numb.  Because?  I just ran barefoot through wet grass in 40-something degree weather to chase down a spooked horse who could easily trample me to death.

I should probably also feel guilty because the reason the horse was spooked?  Also had to do with trying to do things on the cheap.  You see, since the lovely, lovely Barn People only just delivered our barn materials and still haven’t started building it, a couple of weeks ago (when the barn should have been built) McH built a shelter for the horses.  I have to give him props, too, because he was quite resourceful about doing it on the cheap.

He took the wood frame down from around my garden (which we were going to do anyway, since we have leftover fencing materials and can fence it to match the horse pastures), got some free used utility poles from the local electric company (so nice of them – didn’t even charge us for delivery) and built a two-stall shelter.  But then there was the whole shelter roof.  He was looking at some kind of solid roofing material but ultimately decided to get a big tarp, instead.  Way cheaper and still able to keep the horses dry.

The wind here, however, got the best of the tarp today.  It ripped, and half of it fell, and it was snapping in the wind.  And the horses?  Did. not. like. it.

So we figure a gust must have ripped it down and made it snap around when Beat0 was either in or near the shelter, so he took off running as far away as he could; and as far away as he could get from the shelter would be the exact corner over which he jumped.  Poor little Oscar apparently tried to follow him (or maybe he went first, I think that would actually make more sense), and it looks like he took the electric wire to his face.  He has a scorch line across his nose/forehead (which couldn’t be there if he followed Beat0, because Beat0 snapped the wire — at least, I’m figuring it was Beat0 who snapped the wire).  And now that I’ve typed that?  The numbness is clearing and the guilt is setting in big time.

Reason 562,000 so just say no when your daughter/s beg for a horse.

But?  There is a new country song (it always comes back to a country song for me, doesn’t it) that I really like and helps me keep things like this in perspective (not that I think it’s really that great of a song musically or anything but the message is good).

So between the country song and an emergency Diet Dr. Pepper, I think I’ll make it.

And George, if you’re out there . . .

6 thoughts on “Just Another Day On The Farm

  1. Whew! That’s a day I don’t think I’d want to repeat. Horses wig me out. Not that I’m scared of them…I just don’t understand them and hence don’t spend a lot of time with them. Glad BeatO is safe and sound…and more importantly, that you are too!


  2. jan ranger

    your horses bring me great joy!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious. you keep me laughing because i can see myself in the same situation doing the same thing…trying to save money knowing it will come back and bite me in the butt. usually does.

    please know we are enjoying this 🙂


  3. Dianna

    Glad everyone (horses included) are safe and sound. It’s amazing how quickly animals become part of the family. Hopefully your barn is completed soon! And I love that song too.


  4. Christina

    Oh My Good Grief! I can not imagine living such a scene. Watching it in a movie? Yes. In real life? NO. WAY. You sure do live a life of adventure!!!


  5. Well that was quite an adventure! 🙂 Your family is going to have SO many stories to tell at family get-togethers when your kids are grown! Glad the horses are okay.


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