You Could Kock Me Down With a Feather

So our barn is supposed to be built today.  Finally!

But . . .

Why is there always a but?

It might rain today, and the building crew that claimed they work in the rain has decided to change their policy effective right now.  No more rain work, so, sorry, we won’t be there today because it might.

Fantastic.  The barn was supposed to be built weeks ago.  Weeks ago.

Anyway.  It gets better.

McH took one of his remaining vacation days to be here while the building was (theoretically) going on.  Instead he has spent the morning calling around to local construction companies to see if anyone else can get out here to do it.  It is short notice, granted, but unemployment is also shockingly high in our county, so we figured it was worth a shot.

And?  Guess what?  There are building crews out there that are completely out of work.  And?  They would be glad to come build our barn for us!

But . . .

See?  There is always a but.

They don’t usually build residential grade buildings, they build commercial buildings.  So?  Their rate is much, much higher.

But we don’t need a commercial building put up, and they are out of work, so it seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it, that they would come build our barn at a more residential building rate?

I mean, it seems like a no-brainer to me.  If my husband were working construction, had been out of work for who knows how long, and got an offer for a job, he’d be on it like white on rice (please, don’t tell me that is a racial slur, because people?  Rice is white.  Unless you get the whole grain kind, you know, brown rice, so I guess you could say he’d be on it like brown on rice.  Whatever).  Because a lower-than-normal-paying job is better than nothing.  Right?


I mean, sure, the commercial rate may pay the mortgage, electricity, and everything else, and the residential rate may only pay the heating bill or the groceries, but then at least you have the heating bill or groceries.

I don’t get it.  I really, really don’t.

And we can’t afford to pay the commercial rate to have a pole barn built.  Plus?  Why should we even if we could?  It’s not a commercial building.  It’s a pole barn, and a small one at that.

I don’t get it.  I really, really don’t.

And George . . .

9 thoughts on “You Could Kock Me Down With a Feather

  1. If you were closer, my friend’s husband would help you out. He has been out of work for almost a year now and would be glad to do anything with Christmas coming. I honestly do not know where our country is going. He’s a great, hardworking guy and can not find a job to provide for his family while there are companies full of hired workers that won’t do a job….just do not get it


  2. You need some Amish (and to be Amish yourself, I assume). (And I hope THAT’s not offensive; I think it’s just factual, right — they help each other build barns?)

    (Oy, the internal debate I’m having right now. IS it offensive, should I delete it, am I a hypersensitive dork?)

    (I’m voting for the last option.)


  3. The building crew that stood us up today is Amish! Ha ha! I am not joking when I say Amos is not happy that Daniel has handled things the way he has on our project.


  4. Christina

    That stinks. Seriously, where is the work ethic? And AMISH builders with no work ethic? I think we’ve entered the twilight zone.


  5. metaphase

    As for the no-brainer. I always think of that when I hear people say that can’t find work and then I see signs in store windows for part-time work etc. I guess that isn’t the KIND of work so-and-so wants b/c he/she’s way more qualified than that. I think, “Isn’t a part-time job with x dollars better than no money at all? One could keep looking for a better job and still have at least some money? Just a different mind set, I guess.


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