Mormon Monday: My Happy Place

I haven’t done a Mormon Monday in forever.  Bad, bad me.  So today I was on YouTube watching various videos put out by our church, trying to pick one for Mormon Monday so that I didn’t have to do much actual thinking about it myself.

I’m trying to avoid thinking right now because my brain hurts.  Well, it’s exhausted, anyway.  I’m pretty sure that’s because I had a migraine Friday, a horrible caffeine withdraw headache Saturday (because I chugged a bunch on Friday to try to get rid of that headache) and then another migraine yesterday (which I did not treat with caffeine, because Saturday just. wasn’t. worth it).  So today I just feel . . . vacant . . . and fuzzy (in my head – I have managed to shave this weekend).

Couple that feeling with the guilt of three mostly wasted days, what feels like never ending cloud cover around here, and plans I have been greatly looking forward to for months getting mostly, though not entirely, blown out of the water, and I could gladly curl up in a corner and hibernate until June (except I don’t think I’d be able to live with the guilt of neglecting my family that long once I woke up so, again, not worth it).

I have not been a happy camper this morning is what I’m saying.

But then I watched half a dozen or so church videos on YouTube.  I wish there was some way to infuse those into herbal tea, or mainline them straight into my arm.  Because?  What a difference they make on my outlook on life!  So I picked one to share with you today.

Honestly?  I have already forgotten what the  message is.  See?  It takes my brain some time to recover (and that is under normal migraine circumstances – this whole weekend of headache was very, very abnormal, so I may still be a blithering idiot by Friday for all I know).

Anyway, here is the one I picked.  Enjoy!  (I know I did, even though I don’t currently remember why).

2 thoughts on “Mormon Monday: My Happy Place

  1. Sweet message. We would all be happier if we always remembered not to “let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved”. Thanks for sharing.

    Your headaches sound horrific. I hope you’ll be feeling better long before Friday.


  2. Some things are universal, you know? No matter what our faith is…we need to remember that message. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Still working to get myself back into the blogging world, but please know I’ve been reading…faithfully. Just not commenting a whole lot right now.
    So sorry about the migraines. Hoping (and praying) that you’ll be feeling better soon! 🙂


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