Coldwater Creek: Old Lady Store or Not?

Ever since I got this jacket:


I have had an unholy obsession with Coldwater Creek.  Did you know they have an online outlet where dresses that were originally $100+ are marked down to, like, $29.99?  And even better?  They do that psycho sizing that says I fit into a small.  Never mind the fact that I weighed about 20 pounds less in high school and never could squeeze into anything less than a medium back then.  I know the sizing is all wacky just to make me feel good and want to buy their clothes, I know this.

And you know what?  It works.

My psychological weaknesses aside, my question for you all (which some of you did answer yesterday) is:  Is Coldwater Creek an old lady store?

I have taken my children into a Coldwater Creek a total of something like twice, and each time they have said, “Mo-om!  Why are we in this old lady store.”

Now, I like to think they called it that due to the patrons, not the clothes.  Because, quite literally, we (meaning my children and I) were the only customers in the store under about 60.

Realizing this, of course, gave me reason to pause.

Are these old lady clothes?  Is that why the store is full of older women?  Am I really getting that old that I find old lady clothes fashionable?

Or are they fashionable clothes that are a little pricey, so mostly only older people who are no longer supporting children can afford them?

I mean, it’s Coldwater Creek, not . . . umm . . . okay, I have no idea what a really expensive clothing retailer would be.  Hermes, maybe?  I don’t know.  But Coldwater Creek is not the Target clearance rack is what I’m saying.

I’d like to tell myself that the clothes are cute and stylish and it was just due to odd coincidence or good financial planning that only old people were shopping there, but the fact of the matter is I just had a birthday.  My next birthday will mark the dawning of a new decade of my life.  Obviously there isn’t going to be a two in the tens place of that decade and, sadly, there will also not be a three.  Given that fact, I fear that I am, indeed, getting too old to distinguish between old-lady-cute clothes and just plain cute clothes.

As I said, though, I have spent a lot of time looking at the online outlet (things come and go and then come back!  So there have been one or two things I’ve waffled on, then they have disappeared and I have been sad, then one came back and I bought it!  I am currently watching for another to, hopefully, come back in my size), and my final determination is this:  Coldwater Creek is most definitively a purveyor of old lady clothes.


They also have some really, really cute stuff (either that or I’m really, really old).  So let me present my defense.  First, of course, there is the jacket above (which I firmly put in the cute category), then there are these:


Okay, it really sucks that the pictures are so small, but they are what they are.  I think this dress is very cute and can’t imagine it being classified as “old lady.”  There are only two problems:  they don’t have it in my size and I don’t have anywhere to go that would call for a dress like this.  All right, three problems:  one probably needs boobs to carry off this dress.


They do have this skirt in my size, and I have been seriously debating buying it.  I can see wearing this one to church around the holidays.  Other than that, however, I once again have no real use for something like this.  My life is very sad, no?


I lurve this dress, but at 40-some dollars (here is where I should mention that everything I’m showing you is currentlyy in the outlet section), I don’t want to spend the money on it (umm . . . barns aren’t cheap).  But it’s silk and chiffon and I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything made out of chiffon.  I could totally wear this to church.  Of course, being the good Mormon girl old lady woman that I am, I would need to find a jacket to go over it or a shirt to go under it.


This cardigan looks like something I would wear every single day of my life, pretty much.  It’s not too Mr. Rogers, is it?  Again, though, not spending the money on it right now because I don’t really need it, but that doesn’t look “old lady” does it? Lie to me if you must.


Okay, I actually bought this one.  It’s a little black dress, and I didn’t have one.  Isn’t it a universally accepted truth that every woman needs a little black dress?  I think so.  Plus?  I have an occasion coming up this month (ahem . . . a Bella’s Birthday Party themed New Moon party, and you can’t go to a party at the Cullen’s in a t-shirt and jeans, you know – plus, once I put on the red supposedly-pashmina (8 bucks on ebay, so who knows) and my floor-length hooded sweater coat (aka my Obi Wan Kanobe sweater), I will look like one of the Voluturi on St. Marcus Day).

Right, so now the bigger question is, “Am I a senile old lady shopping at old lady stores or just a great big dork?”  Anyway, moving on . . .

Coldwater Creek does, alas, have old lady clothes, too: clip_image002[18]

I solemnly swear that when my children get married this will not be my mother-of-the-bride dress.

So, is Coldwater Creek really a geezer hangout?  You discuss while Tewt the Newt and I go check out the J. Jill website.

16 thoughts on “Coldwater Creek: Old Lady Store or Not?

  1. I have always thought it was an old ladies store…that being said you pictures posted are cute. I (unlike another person who commented on your last post) also consider J. Jill and old person’s store.


  2. j

    It might be time for me to stage an intervetnion….


    Coldwater Creek=Old Lady Store
    J. Jill= Old Lady Store

    Ann Taylor= store for women with super cute stuff that is not teeny bopper ish… which my friend is what I think you are looking for…

    This is inspiring me to write a blog post…


  3. I have always thought of it as old lady, but honestly the pics you are showing are really nice looking and NOT old lady. Who cares if it is an old lady store if they have great clothes in your budget!


  4. metaphase

    I always thought it was an Old Lady Store, too. BUT, that is when I was 20 and could shop at places like Holister, etc. Now I would look like a poser in those kinds of stores. So, I can see why your kids would think it’s an O.L.S. but alas, we are not children and don’t want to look like we’re trying to hang onto the past or something. The pictures you showed are cute stuff. So, I think if you navigate it right, you might be ok.


  5. Christina

    Here’s the thing… what looks “old lady” can also pass as “totally hip” depending on who’s wearing it and how they wear it. I make this assertion based on the gray Mr. Rogers cardigan my daughter picked up at I think 21 (or one of those ultra-hip total teenager stores), that she wears with Nirvana t-shirts and jeans and loves more than any other item of clothing in her closet. My problem is I have pretty much no sense of style whatsoever… so I should probably stay away from CC, because who knows how old I would look decked out in their threads. 🙄


  6. I was just kidding in my prior post, by the way (I think you knew but perhaps not all did ) — I know J. Jill is an old lady store too…it’s just MY kind of old lady store.


  7. Oh, of course I knew. Your last comment made me laugh out loud, and we old folks need to laugh (and shop at our old lady stores). Something about it increasing longevity. So thanks for making my life longer and worth living. 🙂


  8. My mother-in-law shops at Coldwater Creek. The pics you are showing are CUTE. So, I say buy if you want. So what if others think it is an old lady store. You found some cute stuff.

    I feel for you in your migraines. I have two daughters who get them. It completely lays them out. When I was going through my weird health problems over the summer the MRI I had showed that I had had migraines. Only I never FELT them. According to my neurologist, it is possible to have migraines and not know it. Who knew????


  9. Most of the stuff I buy there are jackets and some skirts. I will say I have to dig to search for stuff that’s not old ladyish. Geesh people, lemme tell ya one thing- it is one store that I don’t always need and XL in a shirt. Sometimes? In skirts? I can swing a MEDIUM. Call it what you will. It sucks me back in every.single.time.


  10. Cindy

    Oh, my goodness…….I LOVE COLDWATER CREEK and I am NOT an old lady!!!!!! Yes, they do have an older customer base, but I think that is because of the prices being more in line with those who are not raising a family and actually have money to spend on clothes. That being said, they have really lowered their prices over the past year or so–anything to help us be able to shop during a stressful economic time period. PLUS, you really get great service when you are in their stores. That is a great magnet to get me back in again!


  11. poetess

    Yep. Cold water creek is an old lady store for sure. How do you know? The “styles” never change, the jackets are boxy with crazy patterns, and the most interesting items are the hippy jewelry pieces. This is how women 35 and over are supposed to dress, but I call foul on that one! Chicos and Talbots are other OL stores. I don’t like Coldwater Creek or Chicos. But I like many of the clothes at Talbots (I’m 45). I’m weary of getting all my clothes from anywhere targeted at a specific age, because I value my individuality AND I have no interest in looking like a wannabe teenager or a stuffy old dowager.

    It’s awesome to be of an age where I can carry off some OL panache without looking like I’m doing dress up, though I must say. But I keep it hip by wearing youthful accessories, jeans, jackets and tops. I’m lucky for my age. Many women at 46 have no choice but to do OL if they don’t want gums flapping about them looking muttonish. Once your face and neck are a roadmaps, or you have a turkey waddle, and hand veins that look like ropes you can’t do younger looks anymore without looking silly.

    If you don’t have those issues, stop shopping at CWC and the like. Those places are too dowdy for you.


  12. Reanna

    I know first hand that CWC is an old lady store. The previous commenter is right that the same styles just keep creeeping up over and over in that store. Boxy jackets in wild prints, long overly flowered skirts, tops that are always down to your crotch and I’m not talking about tunics. Most pants/jeans are filled with spandex and then when you wear them for an hour suddenly you’re wearing a bigger size. AND once you wash their stuff they all end up looking like rags. Take it from me they have serious quality issues so ladies PAY ATTENTION!!! Don’t waste your money in ‘old lady’ CWC. Go to a quality store, pay more but buy less. There ……don’t you feel younger already???



    Lots of people saying NOT to shop there and to shop at other quality stores at our age…but what STORES!?????? Name ’em please, for us Googlers who find this thread.
    MY very old MIL shops there but buys different things than I would. Yet just the fact that she shops there gives me the willies. But where else can a size 18 shop without going to Lane Bryant (::gag::)?


  14. poetess


    Avenue is a great shop for plus size women. If they have one of those in your area, I would go to that. I used to shop there when I was a size 16 and it was a godsend. The clothes are more hip looking with really cool accessories. I know what you mean about Lane Bryant, yup, hate that place too.


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