The Most Boring Post Ever, Born out of Avoidance of Real Work, But With an Interactive Twist at the End

So I tried to imitate some other bloggers last Friday and do a Seven Quick Takes post, but who am I kidding?  I can’t be quick about it.  Then I decided to share a picture of our new barn, but I didn’t get around to it.  Riveting, isn’t it?

Life is kind of busy right now, actually.  I have several things I’m trying to do/should be doing in addition to the regular home schooling/parenting/house frau stuff, and I’ve been a horse project widow for quite a while now . . . I mean, all the fence building and now all the stall building (for the first time I am thankful that we spent the money to have the barn built, because otherwise?  My husband wouldn’t be engaged in our family life until sometime in March, probably).

And life shows no signs of slowing down until after the holidays.  Which is good.  Though I’m glad all the stall building/horse widow stuff is getting to where I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  He just has to build one door for one stall tonight, build two dutch doors, and then build a pallet thingy to store the hay on (so it doesn’t sit on the ground and have a higher chance of getting moldy).  Hopefully it should all be done by the end of the week, or sooner.  Your life is better now that you have this knowledge, I’m sure.

In the meantime, I’m reading books about horse training and getting horses who are already trained to respect you and not getting very far because I’m also reading other books, trying to write a book, needing to write a Christmas program, single parenting for the most part, doing ten times more laundry than I ever did before the oldest two set off on this public school journey, etc., etc., etc.  and?  In the meantime? 

I am constantly being interrupted by a certain two-year-old coming to me and saying, “Knot knot!”  To which I am compelled to answer, “Who’s there?”  He then says, “Who!” and I follow up with “Who who?” and then he starts over from the beginning.  I can’t not stop what I’m doing for this most mindless of knock knock joke exchanges because he’s talking.  I almost called it pointless instead of mindless, but obviously it isn’t pointless because it is encouraging him to talk.  It’s also not mindless (to him), but, and I’m just being really frank here, it’s gotten rather boring (for me) rather quickly.  However, small price to pay to get him using that voice of his more often.  He’s using it more in other ways, too, but I’ll save that for my Seven Long Takes which I may do tomorrow.

Anyway, how boring could this post be?????????

So here is the barn:

The one door you see on the side by the pond actually opens the wrong way, but it should be replaced in the next day or two.  So compelling, I know.  The other, bigger, doors are supposed to be installed tomorrow.  And the stalls should be 100% done tonight.  So, in theory, by tomorrow we should be able to put the horses in there when the weather is bad.  Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain tonight.  Alas . . .

hitching post
And seriously, when McH built the monster swing set I had no idea it would double as a hitching post.  I am beginning to suspect, however, that he did. 

Now to  be totally random:  tell me about any bad experiences you’ve had/heard other’s have had on Facebook.  Specifically, I’m not looking for negative things about the site itself, but rather bad experiences that have been born out of posting on Facebook or reading things others have posted.  I’ll allow anonymous comments on this post for those who are willing to share but would rather not be identified.

6 thoughts on “The Most Boring Post Ever, Born out of Avoidance of Real Work, But With an Interactive Twist at the End

  1. The barn is looking nice. I’m glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. As far as the Facebook thing…I haven’t heard of anyone having anything bad happen on Facebook, so I have nothing to report. I will be checking back to this post to see what others report though.


  2. Christina

    The “knot knot” sounds soooooo cute. But I know how old even the cutest stuff can get when repeated ten thousand times. 🙂

    Re FB: I found out my brother and his wife were pregnant from reading my step-mom’s status. Well, not outright, but she posted something about “wonderful family news” or something to that effect and DUH we’d all been waiting to hear they were expecting … that totally bugged me, that I found out at the same time as every random “friend” my stepmom has.


  3. Do the kids get on the horse from the swing set too?

    Ah, facebook. Just in the last few weeks I’ve been witness to a major facebook fight. A friend was abandoned by her husband & for a little bit, the nastiness was being played out for all their facebook friends to see. There was a little intervention staged & now their issues are being played out via their attorneys.


  4. Awesome barn! Re: facebook – a friend of a friend (sounds legit, right?) supposedly had their identity stolen. I don’t know how that is possible unless they posted everything down to their SS#, but they claimed it was and a bunch of their friends and fam deleted their accounts.

    I saw your status about the teacher – that makes me sick.


  5. I’m not on FB, but my girls are and have had problems. Most recently, at the end of summer, Susie and a friend posted their statuses (stati?) as “AT SIX FLAGS!!!!” and hurt the feelings of another friend who hadn’t been invited. Sounds minor, but somehow it became HUGE. It showed up other friends’ pages and girls I’d never heard of were taking sides. It even leaked into the first few weeks of school which was bad since Susie hadn’t been in a public school setting in years and had no idea how those politics worked. It was like mob or riot mentality took over. Really, really stressful and hurtful for the girls in the middle.


  6. Nice barn!

    FB: I asked the wife of another soccer coach if they had any tips for how to get my husbands team doing what he asked of them (or anything rather than rolling in the grass, screaming at each other, and hitting him. (We won’t talk about all the parents of said 7 year old girls that sat on their hind-sides and watched it happen practice after practice whil my husband was at his wits end trying to get them to even look at a soccer ball.) Well, an aunt of one of his team members was one of this gals friends and took it the wrong way and blew it up a bit. My post was: “any ideas on how to get this team doing drills or listening to what he asks of them.” with a subsequent reply of mine being that “he is having a hard time with this group.” She took it as “these girls are worthless” and we weren’t giving them a chance after only three weeks of practices 3 times a week. Needless to say, I apologized if anyone took it the wrong way, informed that we like the girls just fine and want them to be able to play well, and that we were open for suggestions and ideas from anyone as well as that I had asked this gal since her husband has coached for a few years. At the end of our perfect season (lost every single one) there were still a couple parents not really talking to me. The ones not talking to me were the parents of the kids that wouldn’t stay on the team side during the game even though my husband and the ref repeatedly asked it of them. They were also the ones paying their kids $5 for each goal they scored when the poor kid couldn’t keep up and played a much better game as a goalie. We really did have hopes for a good year as we had some great individual players and a couple that were trying hard, but with not everyone thinking like a team and little parental support you can’t do much with a team of 7-year old girls that would rather beat on the coach and pick flowers.


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