That would be Missing In Blogging, of course.

I mean, obviously I’m still writing on my own blog, because I am just that self-absorbed; but I think I’ve read, like, two blog posts written by other people in the last five days or so, and only commented on one of them.  Or something very much like that, anyway.

In my defense, A LOT has been going on around here.

First, there was the great computer catastrophe of ‘09:

computer screen 1 I think we can all agree that one’s screen should not look like that upon rebooting (actually it didn’t – it started out pretty blank and kept gradually getting darker).  I won’t bore you with all the travails of getting me back online quickly, but it does involve a new laptop.  This is both good and bad.  Again, I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say:  My iTunes is completely screwed and, therefore, so is my iTouch (even though we put the old hard drive in an external case and plugged it in to the new laptop). I have lost music.  I have lost all but one playlist (what the frap, really?) and I have seven copies of Brad Paisley’s Time Well Wasted album on my mp3 player.  Don’t ask.  Because?  I. Don’t. Know.  Anyway, getting all that fixed is going to take gobs of time (time well wasted, even).  Maybe I’ll work on it during our Thanksgiving Day voyage.

In the meantime, I also had the whole New Moon weekend (see review in last post) which taught me three things:

1.  I am way too old to stay out until four a.m. one night and 2 a.m. the next night.  My body just doesn’t rebound the way it used to.

2.  I have the greatest husband in the world.  He took Friday off so I could sleep in until I needed to get up, pack, and leave for 24+ hours to go to a party and see the same movie I’d just seen again.

3.  Even when it is not a wedding cake, making a cake and then having to drive it over two hours to its final destination STRESSES ME OUT.  But the cake arrived unscathed and I was relatively happy with how it turned out.

Bellas CakeGranted, it’s not a perfect replica of Bella’s birthday cake (movie version, since every Twi-hard worth her salt knows the book version was pink), but it isn’t too bad.  And see the paper bag in the background?  We served cans of warm soda out of it.  Yes, we pay great attention to detail for these Twilight parties, don’t we (though somehow I doubt that Billy and Jacob Black shopped at Trader Joe’s)?  No need to point out that I am almost 40, thankyouverymuch. The clerk at FYE already gave me that look when I bought Edward Cullen bandaids and candy for the gift exchange. I told him I am apparently 15 on the inside.

Finally, L~ and I have been working on her social studies project.  I We finished it tonight.  She was supposed to make a model of a Plains Indian teepee and write a few paragraphs about the generalities of said dwellings.  Shteepee2e wrote a few pages about them and I we made this:teepee1













Please ignore the huge, ginormous mess that is my kitchen there in the background.  I’ve been busy . . . helping L~ make her teepee (or tipi, depending on which book/website you read).  She did all the drawing and . . . much of the painting.  We left the pole gathering to the McHster.  I may, or may not, have done the vast majority of the sewing, fitting, tying.  It isn’t perfect, but I blame that on the fabric store for not cutting the fabric to the correct length to begin with, which threw the whole plan off.  Or something like that.  I don’t even care. The Plains Indians kept the teepee covering rolled up a bit in the summer months anyway, for ventilation I’m assuming, so we’ll just say it’s August.  I got a fake mink throw for $15 today at Odd Lots, so we’ll throw that in there and say it’s imitation buffalo hide, and hopefully that will suffice.  L~ also has a paper birch bark basket that she made a few years ago for a lesson we did at home, so she’ll include that as well (she should get bonus points for recycling, no?).  The teacher only said a model anyway, so I really think the tipi’s size should count for some major grade-age.  L~ might give it to Quinn for Christmas.

And that last sentence was totally random.

Must go sleep so I can get up and get myself pulled together enough to drive the kids to school and walk into the building myself.  Because there is no way L~ is lugging that thing in on her own.

Anyway, with a little luck I’ll be back to reading and commenting on all your blogs soon.  After I finish writing a Christmas program, and planning two or three Christmas parties, and participating in a fudge-off (you know, like a bake off but with fudge), and baking pies for Thanksgiving (which is actually before all that Christmas and fudge stuff), and coming up with a gift exchange gift that fits in with the theme Evergreen.  Hmm . . . Christmas boogers, anyone?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says . . . hmmm . . . that is probably considered politically incorrect these days, so let’s just stick with Hello.

7 thoughts on “I’m MIB

  1. That is an AWESOME teepee (tipi?)!! SHe should get double extra credit for that (and Mom too!). The cake looked great, too. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. metaphase

    I was talking about you and your Twilight obsession with my babysitter last night. (because, you know, she’s a teenager). I told her she had to read your review and how the last time you made your husband grow out his hair! Oh, I laugh just thinking about it. Now we’ve got the cake and party favors. So fun. I think it sounds great!


  3. I’ve SO missed you! I haven’t been that active in bloggy-land lately either. I’m working on getting my mojo back…but in the meantime – WHOA! That’s an awesome teepee!!! The teacher has no choice but to give her A+ on that project.


  4. Christina

    Okay that teepee? Um, do me a favor? Knock that kind of thing off, would ya? You’re making the rest of us moms look really really bad. ;-p


  5. Oh no! I’ve seen the Blue Screen of Death before, but never one that looks like the TV screen in Poltergeist. Scary. Good luck getting your music sorted out.


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