Let’s Solve Each Other’s Christmas Shopping Dilemmas, Shall We?

This morning I got on the scale and decided it was time to have a go at anorexia.  By 9:30 a.m. I’d eaten a cup of Special K Blueberry, so, you know, big fail on that goal.  Now that I’ve consoled myself with a chicken sandwich and some canned pumpkin mixed with cool whip (don’t judge me), I have developed a new goal.  A better goal.  A real goal.

Okay, maybe not a goal so much as an idea.

And here is my idea:

Every year don’t you always have somebody on your Christmas gift-giving list that just leaves you completely stumped?  You have no idea what to give that person or those persons because: 1.  They already have everything they want;
2.  They don’t have everything they want, but you really can’t afford those things they don’t   have;
3.  They are grumpy and don’t like anything you give them no matter what it is; or
4.  They tell you the gift you got them is fabulous, no matter what it is, but you know they will toss it out in a year or two because that is what they do with everything, even your wedding portrait.

So you trudge to the store, to many stores even, and shop online until your fingers bleed, trying in vain to find something that will be appreciated in some way, all the while knowing that, in the end, you will wind up buying something, anything, and spending money just to spend money and be able to say you were thinking of them and got them a gift.

Well, if you are going to wind up doing that anyway, why not give gifts that will help make a difference?

For instance, as many of you know, you can purchase a variety of items from the Bykota House Zazzle Store that will help support orphaned children in Cambodia.

Then there are these beautiful bracelets that will help a family bring home the little girl they have been working to adopt for so long.

And, of course, you could always buy another copy of Meant to Be: Stories of International Adoption to give away and help support children around the world.

Now, I’m not advocating total thoughtlessness here.  I mean, if you know the curmudgeon you’re buying for likes to garden, you could get the flower tote from Bykota and put several seed packets and/or bulbs in it.  If that person who has everything is perpetually cold and/or a chocolate lover/caffeine addict, you can get Bykota’s Let It Snow mug and fill it with some gourmet hot cocoa mix or specialty coffee . . . stuff.  Grounds?  I’m Mormon, people, I don’t drink coffee.

Anyway, you get the picture.

So now here is where you can help the rest of us.  What else is out there?  What other gifty type items with proceeds that go to benefit . . . someone . . . do you know about? Please share in the comments section and I will updated this post with links (yes, provide me with links, people!) to said gifty type items so that we can all share the love, and the giving, and the frustration of shopping for Aunt Marge.

Chop chop!  Not much time left to shop (online . . . shipping you know).


Give the gift of self reliance
Chocolate and life.  Support the Children’s Organ Transplant Association.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Solve Each Other’s Christmas Shopping Dilemmas, Shall We?

  1. J

    You know, I just can’t get my head around the fact that mormons don’t drink coffee… sort of like how I just don’t get that I used to smoke… it just seems impossible 🙂


  2. Nicki

    I definitely think everyone should donate to Ethica 😛

    Seriously I really love the idea of donating to Heifer http://www.heifer.org – I plan to do this for the grandparents this year. Nothing to throw out, everything to gain 🙂


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