The Bottle-ish Thingy

We have, in our house, amongst the many, many toys, this little, purple, plastic bottle-ish thingy.  It is part of a toy vanity set that came with various plastic accessories: perfume bottle, lipstick, hairbrush, etc.

But this bottle-ish thingy?  I’m not sure what it is supposed to be.  At first glance I’d say it is some type of perfume bottle.  But then?  When you unscrew the sky-blue plastic lid?  It has some type of wand contraptionprojecting out of it with a spatula-like shape at the end.

What is it?  A face cream bottle?  I really don’t know.

The kids, of course, have their own ideas.

Quinn likes to use it to pretend he is blowing bubbles.  I have seen him frequently blowing imaginary bubbles with the blue lid/wand from the purple bottle-ish type thingy.

Last Friday, when I just couldn’t take being in the house for another minute, even though we still had school to do, I loaded the three youngers in the ca, and off to Kohls we went.  I know it isn’t a particularly kid-friendly type of field trip, and certainly not educational for them at all, but I had shopping to do and there really isn’t much out here anyway, so Kohls sounded like a day at the spa.  Or something.

Quinn was grasping the purple bottle-ish thingy as I loaded him in the truck, and he insisted on bringing it into the store.  I figured that wouldn’t be a problem since there was very little likelihood that there would be anything quite like it for sale in Kohls.

I was wrong about it not being a problem, of course.  I mean, they didn’t have anything like it in the store, but he kept dropping the thing over, and over, and over, and over; and screaming at me each time he did.  He needed that purple bottle-ish thingy and it’s sky blue lid (and, apparently, all the floor germs he could collect with them).

Because?  When he wasn’t dropping it, he was entertaining himself by blowing imaginary bubbles.

That is, until he decided to sit backwards in the stroller so he could face me and use the wand thingy to pretend to paint my fingernails as I pushed the stroller.  So, yes, I was shopping for clothes for the husband and shoes for myself whilst getting an imaginary manicure from my Vietnamese two-year-old.

Have I ever mentioned to you before that one of his all time favorite toys has been my broom?  And he actually likes to sweep with it?

This kid mortifies me in so many ways.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt has great fingernails.  If you use your imagination.

(Okay, this is making me laugh, because in real life Tewt the Newt lost all his toes during The Great Escape of Whatever Year It Was, and he dried out and bits of him fell off once he rehydrated – I suppose it’s the amphibian equivalent of frost bite.  Right, not that that was funny, but the idea of a toe-less newt with a manicure is amusing me for some reason).

(And now you know, Tewt the Newt was real).

4 thoughts on “The Bottle-ish Thingy

  1. We have one of those and our kit came with a hair dryer that SOUNDS like a real hair dryer. Oh the things the kids will play with. My girls insist it is nailpolish, so my vote is that Quinn has it right. Smart kid 🙂


  2. You were right, though, it is a perfume bottle. The spatula-ish thingy is just an applicator so you can apply scent with precision to your various bits and parts and don’t have to use your fingers.

    (And I read your parenthetical aside at the end there and was confused between Tewt and George and thought you were telling us the real-life George had lost his appendages in the Great War and that he was much older than I thought he was and etc…until I realized you were talking about the newt.)


  3. metaphase

    I, too, was confused and yet intrigued by the part about the newt. I thought YOU were Tewt the Newt all this time. Oh, I’m just all over the place at this point. I may need a post just on your aside!


  4. Christina

    Okay, loving the image of your son giving you a manicure as you shop… too too cute.
    And what an interesting insight into the life of Tewt… a disgusting, hope I never witness such a thing myself insight… but an insight nonetheless. 🙂


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