What Do You Want For Christmas?

And don’t say “hippopotamus!”

Because I?  Just finished editing a music video of 8-11-year-olds singing and acting out I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.  As much as I love that song, I think I can go a long, long while without hearing it again.

Hippo 1\

6 thoughts on “What Do You Want For Christmas?

  1. I would like a couch (really disliking not having furniture, even if my living room is smaller than some people’s closets), a newer vehicle that will hold 8, or a bigger house. I’m a tough one this year.


  2. Ben sang that song at his Christmas program this week and it is quite the brain worm! All I want for Christmas is a couple of days off to relax at home with the fam.


  3. A day off. That’s what I want. I’m home with Maddie today who, last night, erped on the guy sitting in front of her at a basketball game. Fun times. Glad I wansn’t there! 🙂
    So I’m using her illness today to reward myself with a day off.
    Of course, I’ll be paying for it with a work day this weekend.


  4. I’m glad you asked. For the first time in 24.5 years (pre-kiddos), I have a list of my own. A long list. I want a subscription to Real Simple, a white gold Trinity knot necklace, Sakura Pigma Micron Pens in every size and color, Ugg sheepskin boots, Ugg sheepskin moccasin slippers that I can also wear out and about, paper mosaic supplies, Egyptian cotton olympic queen sheets, a new battery for my laptop, Dilys perfume, and Origins Ginger lotion and spray perfume. At first I was just asking for some Peace & Quiet, but Sam said I should ask for something I might actually get, so I took his advice. I hope everyone has been saving their pennies.


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