This, That, and The Mucus Thing

It is January 5th, and so far I’ve done the Wii Fit four days of the year.  My only real measurable goal for the year is to do Wii Fit at least 300 days.  Want to join in?  If you don’t have Wii Fit but have Wii Sports Resort or something like that, that works, too.  I probably should have issued the challenge/invitation before Jan. 5, but really, it’s not too late.

Also, I’m trying to live wheat-free for a few weeks.  My migraines have been getting more frequent and way worse, and my primary suspect food, if indeed it is food related as it usually is, is wheat.  I know, now you think I’m all nuts.  Whatever.  I could be totally wrong about the wheat, and really hope I am.  But for now?  Well, I’d like to say I’ve been wheat free for five days, but that would be a lie.  I have been practically wheat free for five days.  Those darned black bean and salsa Sun Chip knock-offs . . . well, they’re pretty yummy.  But wheat flour is the third ingredient after corn flour and sunflower oil, and I haven’t eaten very many of them.  So there’s that.

The big news for today, however, is that Midge wasn’t up puking last night.  The two nights before that, however . . . were grim.  Had she been up last night, we would have been taking a trip to the doctor today.  The last time I had a child who was up at night vomiting and fine during the day it turned out to be a urinary tract infection.  Who woulda thunk, right?

Except Midge hasn’t been exactly fine during the day.  For several days now, she has been hacking and coughing and snucking and snorfing and making all those other sounds people make when they are congested from their nose to their toes.  So, unless it happens again tonight, I’m attributing the vomiting to her historically sensitive tummy and the fact that mucus really isn’t supposed to be one of the main food groups (but all that snucking probably shot it right down into her stomach).

Now, today, Tank Boy is coughing and snucking.  Luckily he has an iron stomach.  A~ also said she feels like she might be coming down with it.  And you know what?  *cough* *cough* So do I.  Bad timing, really, since we are supposed to be traveling this weekend for McH’s aunt’s memorial service (which I don’t mind saying publicly on my blog because: A. My parents are house sitting; B. My very few neighbors are all heavily armed; C. My father is former military and has the code to our gun safe, so he will also be heavily armed; and D.  One would have to be terribly, terribly bored to try to figure out where exactly I live and then come all the way out here just to rob a house with only one actual television) (as opposed to the non-actual television we have in our bedroom).

Anyway, we’ll give it until Thursday to see how the mucus monster has progressed before we make a final call on the travel plans.

Other barely notable events from the first five days of the year:

Quinn let me put pants on him today.  It’s the first time since he dropped a weight on his toe Saturday morning.  The idea of the denim going over his toe wasn’t particularly pleasant to him, so he’s been very uncooperative and I’ve been very whatever.

We found out we will probably find out something that will give us a better idea of whether or not we need to be looking at real estate in another state in a few weeks.  Which isn’t to say we will have a definitive answer in a few weeks, just a better idea of the direction things are heading.  The wheels grind slowly.

All of the Christmas decorations are down except for the trees.  One of them is no longer decorate, the other is.  Whatever.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

6 thoughts on “This, That, and The Mucus Thing

  1. I may have to join you in your Wii Fit challenge if for no other reason than an excuse to get Wii Fit Plus. The table tilt on that game is diabolical.

    I put on jeans today for the first time in a week. I didn’t drop a weight on my toe though, just pure laziness.


  2. I have been on 3 days since the new year, 7 days since I got it on Christmas. I am hoping to make it to 300…I guess even if I do 15 minutes of strength training that’s better than nothing!

    The mucus monster has hit our house. Hope you are able to keep your plans.


  3. I don’t own a wii, so can’t join you on your challenge. But have fun with it! 🙂

    So far, I’ve been the only one sick here (thankfully no vomiting). I’m hoping the rest of the family escapes it.


  4. metaphase

    You might be moving to another state? Horses, dogs, kids- oh my! Would this be a welcome move?
    I don’t have a wii fit, but like the other commenter, this could be an excuse to get one!


  5. Christina

    I got Hubby the wii fit plus for Christmas… I want to try it but don’t even have the first clue how to turn the thing on. Tech savvy I am not. But I shall get my son to show me how and then I will jump on your bandwagon! I definitely need some motivation to exercise.

    A move? Aside from the ghastly idea of moving horses, that would be a mostly positive development, no?


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