I Want To Be a Part of It . . .

Okay, I have a slight fever, so who knows exactly what I’m going to say and how I’m going to say it.  This will either be a very entertaining post (where have those all gone???? you are wondering) or it will be a very mundane post (oh, like the last 372! you are thinking).

So, two things:

One, I mentioned the possibility of a move to a different state in the last post.  At this point, I believe, it is a very remote possibility.  A big part of me really hopes it is so remote it never happens because, moving?  Ugh!  Plus moving horses?  Only crazy people would do that.  Plus moving a pre-teen who has solemnly declared we are not allowed to go anywhere until she is old enough to not care about the ginormous swing set her father built for her and the others?  It would all be very heinous.

But civilization would be so very, very nice.  And it’s only one state away (though it would put us another hour or two away from what will always be home to me).  But the company would pay for it, and they would buy this house if we couldn’t sell it.  So, all-in-all, I could live through it.  Again, though, I think the likelihood is very slim.

Which means I need another way to get myself into civilization, even if it’s only temporarily.  Which brings me to my 40th birthday.  Which isn’t for 10 more months.  But people!  It is this year.  Maybe that is what is causing all of my migraines.

Anyway, my very best friend also turns 40 this year, just a month before I do.  So we’ve decided we need to do something big.  Something that will make us, temporarily, forget how old we’ve gotten in the seemingly short time we’ve known each other.  We met right before we both turned 20.

At this point I feel the overwhelming need to exclaim, “Good God!” but that would be using the Lord’s name in vain, which I don’t do.  Somehow, though, “Good gosh!” just doesn’t seem to cover it.

Getting back on track . . . we have decided the big thing we need to do is go to New York City.  I may have even thrown in the idea of taking pictures of each other walking by Tiffany’s in black dresses and dark sunglasses.  She may have thrown in the idea of Botox.  And I?  Am left wondering why my 27-year-old self was so mortified by the idea of women having poison injected into their faces.  Of course, back then I didn’t have furrows on my face in which I could plant, grow and cultivate corn.

Anyhoo . . . for those of you out there who are familiar at all with NYC (any of you still reading?), HELP!  I am very unfamiliar with NYC.  Suggestions of places to go?  Places to stay?  Spas that aren’t ungodly expensive or give discounts to aging women with cultivatable face furrows?  Will we be mugged because, obviously, only idiot tourists would dress up like Aubrey Hepburn just to walk in front of Tiffany’s?  Any and all pointers would be appreciated (including travel agency ideas – is this a travel agency kind of shindig?  I am woefully untraveled(okay, not exactly true, just woefully untraveled in any kind of “I’m staying at a spa and got a great package deal through a travel agent, and this doesn’t involve going to college/a funeral/a wedding” kind of way).  We’d be driving in, but still . . .).

And George, if you’re out there . . .

10 thoughts on “I Want To Be a Part of It . . .

  1. AuDrey. 😉 We stayed in the Marriott in Times Square on Broadway, which was definitely a great place. Oh, wait, except that one of the other agents had issues with bed bugs in a roll out bed. But that’s probably all better now. Anyhow. Honestly, it is a really easy place to just be spontaneous in…there is so much there to do and see. And it was one of the safer-feeling big cities that we have gone to. And if you go to a swanky hotel, you can just about bet that it will have its own spa services.


  2. metaphase

    Is it wrong that I think your plans should be a bit bigger and include say, some of your very closest blog buddies? I’ve been to NYC and it’s really not a scary place. Like any other big city, you want to use common sense, but you could totally take a picture in front of Tiffany’s no problem!


  3. We are going to NYC in March..well, my mom, her best friend and her daughter, myself and my oler two. We are staying at the Hyatt in New Jersey across the Hudson and plan on taking the PATH into the city every day. I’ve never been so I have no advice, but I am super excited to be going and am hpping to save up enough to see Mary Poppins. Everyone I have talked to says the it is a great city to visit. Let me know what you find out!


  4. I’ve never been to NYC, so I can’t give you any advice. I WOULD love to go some day though, so I’ll be checking back to see what kind of advice you receive.


  5. Angela

    I was there pre-9/11, so I don’t know if you can still go to the top of the Empire State Building at night. The view! The lights! After 20 years, that’s the stand-out experience. The subway is efficient and safe — do NOT try to drive around and park wherever you want to visit. I found people to be nicer than expected, even if midwesterners can not just blend in with the crowd easily — as diverse as the crowd tends to be there. Go anyway. Just don’t look lost in public.


  6. Mary

    hi – i live 30 minutes outside of NYC … be happy to give you some information offline about spas and hotels thru links, etc.

    just send me an email.

    BTW, I’m one of colleen’s friends! 🙂


  7. Oh, that sounds like fun! I’m turning 40 this year also, and my friend and I want to do something similarly fabulous, but the economy has sucked away all of our energy and finances. Totally. Sucks.


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