Dear Freezing Cold Last Week of January

Dear Wonderful Blog readers,

Thank you for all of your input and advice on the speech therapy thing.  I am going to ask the questions you all have suggested plus a few of my own.  Also, and I meant to do this anyway, I am going to make a video of Quinn saying anything and everything I can get him to say with a camera in his face and have the speech therapist watch it when we go back next week.  Once she has a better idea of what he can do, and I have a better idea of why she is doing the things she is doing and how that is supposed to help him better than just me talking to him/playing with him at home, I will decide whether to continue with her or move on.  I may also contact a friend from back home who is a developmental/behavioral pediatrician and see if he would be willing to watch the video and give us any pointers as to who/what/where/how/if we should be looking for specialized help.


Dear Freezing Cold Last Week of January,

Enough already!  Just listen to AlGore and warm up, won’t you????


Dear Kristen,

I have never had any patience with that Wii Fit bubble game.  I think I’ve only played it two or three times.


Dear WordPress,

What is up with kicking legitimate comments into spam all of the sudden?  And why have you changed things around so that it took me days to notice?  Or maybe I accidentally changed something around?  Who knows.  At least I’ve figured it out.  I think.


Dear Pregnant Man Who was a Woman and is in a Relationship With a Man Who Also was a Woman,

What the frap?  If you wanted a partner with a thing, and you wanted to be knocked up, wouldn’t it have been easier to just stay. a. girl?  I don’t even know what you are at this point.  A gay man?  A woman in Extreme Male Drag?  Creepy?  (umm, okay,that I’m pretty sure I know).  And don’t anybody leave me any comments lecturing  me about the fact that I just don’t understand, because you know what? I KNOW THAT.  I don’t understand.


Dear Zach Brown Band,

There are two guys who used to be girls, one of them now pregnant, who seem to be impersonating some of you.  Doppelgangers.  Just sayin’.


Dear Nancy Pelosi,

Was your arthritis acting up or did they shoot some of that Botox into your knees?  You were much less cheerleader-ish this time around.  But don’t worry, Bobble-Head Joe made up for your diminishing enthusiasm/entertainment value.  Oh, and your suit and his tie coordinated nicely.


Dear Midge,

I really enjoy snuggling on your bed every night and listening to you read a chapter from a Junie B. Jones book.  Junie B. cracks me up, but not as much as you do Midge B., First Grade Wonder.

4 thoughts on “Dear Freezing Cold Last Week of January

  1. J

    this cracks me up, my husband called Nancy a cheerleader too and I called him sexist, I’ll have to tell him he has an ally. meh


  2. Christina

    Totally agree on the weather – bring on the warming!! Sigh, if only Al’s “research” was based on more than a lame magazine article and a geograpy major’s paper…

    And I love – LOVE – Junie B. Something just so fun about reading those books with your own little kindergartener or first grader. Sigh, I miss those days already…


  3. metaphase

    I love Junie B! I used to use them with the girls I tutored in reading. I used them because I found them entertaining to listen to!


  4. metaphase

    Oh, and I forgot to mention you made me spit on my computer screen in laughter over the Pregnant Man just staying a girl!


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